Is T.O. the G.O.A.T? Could Vince Young be a Steeler? 2 Guys talk about this and why Tiki Barber’s comeback attempt could already be over

This week 2 Guys talk about the possibility of Vince Young joining the Steelers, T.O.’s legacy and future as a player, and why Tiki Barber’s comeback could be over before it even gets started.

2 Guys also talk about why Donovan Mcnabb hates Twitter, the secret meetings between the players and owners, and why there will be no NBA in the 2011-2012 season.

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Help Wanted: The 3 quarterbacks the Steelers need to sign if Ben Roethlisberger needs foot surgery

Fresh off another Super Bowl appearance and with the majority of a veteran roster likely to return, most people would expect Pittsburgh Steelers fans to look at the 2011 season with high hopes.  Several reports over the weekend may lead Steeler fans to lose this sense of optimism very quickly though, as their star-crossed quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, may need surgery to fix the broken foot that plagued him through last year’s playoff run. 

Although the Steelers were able to overcome Roethlisberger’s 4 game suspension last year and still make it to the franchise’s 8th Super Bowl, 2011 promises to be even more challenging.  With an early season schedule that includes road games against the Baltimore Ravens, the Houston Texans, and the Indianapolis Colts as well as home games against the defending NFC West champion Seattle Seahawks, missing Big Ben from the line-up could cost the Steelers a shot to defend their AFC crown. 

Additionally, Steeler fans will not only have to worry about palying without Roethlisberger but also about how sharp he will be coming off his surgery.  In 2010, Roethlisberger was able to work with noted quarterback guru, George Whitfield Jr., while waiting to return from suspension.  If he does indeed have foot surgery, Roethlisberger will be not be able to prepare in the same type of manner for 2011.  With all the question marks existing around their 2011 signal caller, the Steelers cannot simply stand pat with the shaky Byron Leftwich, the inexperienced Dennis Dixon coming off a major knee injury, and the aging Charlie Batch as their only options at quarterback.  With the length of time that Roethlisberger will be out unknown and with the window of opportunity closing on the aging roster (Troy Polamalu, Hines Ward, James Harrison, Brett Keisel, Casey Hampton, Ryan Clark, and Larry Foote are all over 30), the Steelers have to pursue a more reliable option.  Here are the 3 best veteran quarterback options to fill the Steelers need:


Kerry Collins has made it clear, he wants a chance to play

Kerry Collins– The 38 year-old Collins brings incredible experience to the veteran Steelers team.  He has played in 2 Pro Bowls, one Super Bowl, and has thrown for more than 40,000 yards in his career.  Although he does not share Roethlisberger’s elusiveness in the pocket, Collins still has the arm strength to throw the ball deep to emerging threats Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown as well as the guile to include veterans Hines Ward and Heath Miller in the passing attack.  Collins yearns to be a starting quarterback, an opportunity he will not get with first round pick Jake Locker now in Tennessee, and the Steelers could offer him the chance to start while Big Ben recovers.  When you also factor in the great chance to finally get a Super Bowl ring in Pittsburgh, why would Collins not want to to head the Pittsburgh?

Vince Young– Although his time in Tennesee ended in an ugly manner, Vince Young proved over his first 5 seasons that he knows how to win football games.  His numbers are not outstanding, but his record of 30-17 as a starting quarterback cannot be ignored.  Much like Roethlisberger, Young stands strong in the pocket, uses his feet very effectively, and, at 6’5″ 230 pounds, is a load for defenders to bring down.  With the lockout preventing player movement and hurting Young’s chances to pursue a full-time starting role, VY’s best option for 2011 is to pursue a one year contract.  He needs to prove in 2011 that he can still be a solid NFL starter and then again test free agency during the 2012 offseason.  Signing with the Steelers would give Vince Young this chance, and his presence would ease the fears throughout Steeler Nation.

Imagine a Super Bowl rematch where Brett Favre would be waving a terrible towel on the sidelines

Brett Favre – He just never seems to fade into the sunset.  Although he recently said he is finished playing (again), he also added that he can “throw the ball as well as ever”.  Although we learned in 2010 that Favre’s body is not able to take the pounding of a full NFL season anymore, would an opportunity to start 4-6 games on a Super Bowl-caliber team entice Brett to once again avoid retirement?  With the Steelers stout defense and capable running game, Favre would not need to play at an MVP level to win games.  Although the Steelers cannot offer him anywhere near the money he made last season with the Vikings, Favre should still listen to their pitch.  There is no doubt that Brett Favre wanted to leave the NFL on better terms than he did in 2010, and succeeding with the Steelers in 2011 could provide a storybook ending to his illustrious career.

Lockout Over? Mcnabb Back To Philly? 2 Guys discuss this and why Jon Gruden will never coach again

2 Guys Fantasy talks about a possible end to the NFL lockout, where Donovan Mcnabb will land in 2011, and why Jon Gruden will probably never coach in the NFL again.

In addition, 2 Guys explore Tiki Barber’s chances of making an NFL roster, which NBA stars would make the biggest impact in the NFL, and who will be the number one pick in the 2011 NBA draft.

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Two Way Go: NBA Players who could line up on Sunday

Blake could do this to QBs on Sunday.

With the NBA draft coming up next Thursday on June 23rd all the buzz is around who the Cleveland Cavaliers will select with top pick.

However, here at Two Guys Fantasy we thought it would be fun to look at some of the current NBA players who could line up on Sundays in the NFL.

This type of cross sports projection is certainly nothing new as current players like Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates, Terrell Owens, Brandon Marshall, Randy Moss, and Julius Peppers all have basketball experience in their background.

It is also no coincidence that these players have at one point in their career been at the top or near the top at their respective positions.

The skill set that a player must possess to play basketball combined with the physical toughness required to play football makes for a deadly combination that puts them in a class among the elite athletes in the world.

With this set as the back drop lets look at which current NBA players could make the biggest impact lining up on Sundays.

Lebron JamesTight EndWould be most athletic tight end in NFL history.
Dwight HowardDefensive EndSwing span and quickness would cause fits for offensive tackles.
Derrick RoseWide ReceiverA Rose in any other sport would be just as good.
Dwayne WadeWide ReceiverFlash would be dangerous deep down the field.
Russell WestbrookSafetyDoesn't he look like he would light somebody up across the middle?
Chris PaulQuarterbackCourt vision should translate to good decision making under center.
Deron WilliamsQuarterbackAnother marquee point guard whose vision and passing ability will allow him to succeed.
Zach RandolphOffensive TackleLong arms and athletic ability would keep pass rushers at bay.
Monta EllisWide ReceiverJust like he loves to shoot, Ellis would love to run the fly pattern.
Nate RobinsonDefensive BackHas the size and quickness to find a home at the nickel back in most teams secondaries.
Ron ArtestMiddle LinebackerHis physical presence and knack for being in the middle of things made him an ideal sideline to sideline player.
Dejuan BlairDefensive EndUsing his tremendous upper body strength, Blair should be able to keep a lineman's hands off of him so he can make some plays.
Rajon RondoCornerbackHis quick feet and hands should help him intercept quite a few balls.
Blake GriffinDefensive EndHe would be Julius Peppers 2.0.
Steve NashKickerThe NBA's best soccer player should be able to consistently split the uprights.
Andre IguodalaOutside LinebackerA tremendous perimeter defender who should be able to match up with any player coming out of the backfield.
Paul MillsapOffensive TackleHis ability to excel in traffic in addition to his long arms make him an ideal pass protector.
Jason TerryCornerbackHis shooter's confidence will help him stay focused if he ever gets beat deep.
NeneDenfensive EndBrute strength and tremendous size made him a quarterback's nightmare.

What other NBA players do you think could play in the NFL?

Share your thoughts here.

Locked In: 2 Guys discuss the NFL’s secret labor negotiations, the NBA Finals, and Drew Rosenhaus’s newest client

This week 2 Guys talk about the secret negotiations that have been taking place regarding the NFL lockout, Terrell Pryor’s workout with Ocho Cinco, and why NFL employees have already paid a heavy price because of the lockout.

In addition, 2 Guys discuss how the Mavericks won the NBA Finals, the follies of Kenny Britt, and why Leonard Pope is a hero.

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When is My Turn: The 5 Players who I Would Most Like to See Win a Super Bowl

The Dallas Mavericks defeated the Miami Heat in this year’s NBA Finals to secure the first title in team history.  Although much of the focus following the NBA Finals has been on the shortcomings of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and the rest of the Heat, some more positive articles have looked at the incredible journeys to the top for two of the NBA’s all-time greats, Jason Kidd and Dirk Nowitzki.  With 30 years of NBA experience between them, it is tough to imagine the emotions that are running through the heads of the two veterans in the days after they secured their first title.  After I was able to reflect on the situation a little bit, I began to wonder, what NFL players would I most like to see win a Super Bowl before their time is up?  I was able to come up with these 5 players:

Will Ed Reed join his teammate Ray Lewis as a Super Bowl champion?

Ed Reed, Safety- Although he is typically overshadowed by his teammate, former Super Bowl MVP Ray Lewis, Ed Reed has had  just as much of an impact on the vaunted Baltimore Ravens defense as Lewis has over the past decade.  Unlike other safeties who have made a name for themselves by laying vicious hits on the opposition, Ed Reed is known for his unmatched ability to intercept the football.  As the prototypical ballhawk, who also possesses the ability to turn any interception into a defensive touchdown (as you can see here, all 108 yards of it), there are few players who NFL offenses fear more than Reed.  Will the 5 time All Pro get his chance to win a title?  According to Ray Lewis, in his chat with ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, 2011 may be the year.

Donovan McNabb, Quarterback- With 5 NFC championship games, one Super Bowl appearance, 6 Pro Bowls, and a few famous tiffs under his belt- one with a teammate named Owens, one with Russ Limbaugh, and one with a Coach Shanahan, Donovan McNabb certainly knows what it is like to experience the ups and downs of life as an NFL quarterback.  Despite his lackluster 2010, McNabb is still only 34 years old, a year younger than Peyton Manning, and clearly on the radar of several talented teams seeking a veteran quarterback to lead them in 2011.  Will McNabb end up on a team that can get him the title that has been so elusive throughout his career?  Some QB-needy team certainly hopes so.

LaDainian Tomlinson, Running Back- During his first 10 seasons in which he has amassed 13,400 yards, 159 touchdowns, and an MVP award, LaDainian Tomlinson has been one of the most productive running backs in NFL history.  Despite his regular season success, Tomlinson has not been as fortunate in the postseason as he has yet to play in a Super Bowl.  With his future with the New York Jets in question with the emergence of Shonn Greene, will LT find a way onto a NFL roster with enough talent to give him a chance to win a Super Bowl in 2011?  Fans of one of the nicest guys in the NFL want to think so. 

Champ Bailey, Cornerback – For the past 12 years, Champ Bailey has been a shutdown corner.  With 10 Pro Bowls and 3 All Pro teams to his credit, Bailey has proven his ability to blanket receivers and force wary quarterbacks to throw to the opposite side of the field.  Although Bailey’s playing style sometimes limits the amount of activity he has during a game (with Bailey tightly covering a receiver, quarterbacks very rarely throw the ball his way), Bailey’s road to a title could easily become a story that football fans worldwide could latch onto.

Will his 15th season be the one in which Tony Gonzalez finally gets to the Super Bowl?

Tony Gonzalez, Tight End

- With 1,069 career receptions (6th all-time), 88 touchdown catches (10th all-time), and 12, 463 receiving yards (15th all-time), Tony Gonzalez has defined the role of receiving tight end.  The 11-time Pro Bowler and 5-time All Pro has not yet played in the Super Bowl during his 14 year career, although his Atlanta Falcons finished with the best record in football in 2010 and seem poised to make a championship run in 2011.  Will Gonzalez be a part of the run?  As long as the lockout does not effect the 2011 season, it seems like he will.

Closer Than it Appears: 2 Guys talk about a late start to the 2011 season, Terrell Pryor, and the importance of fantasy football

This week Two Guys talk about the how the lockout is casting a cloud of doubt on the start of the 2011 NFL season how the potential of an 8 game schedule is a distinct possibilty.

In addition, 2 guys talk about, former Ohio St. QB, Terrell Pryor’s chances of playing QB in the NFL and why Plaxico Burress will not enjoy the same success as Michael Vick when he returns to the NFL.

Lastly, 2 guys discuss the Detroit Lion’s new nickname and why the Heat will still win the NBA Finals.

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Not my fantasy: How fantasy football may already by dead in 2011

Although, the secret negotiations that took place between the players and the owners (without the involvement of lawyers) offered a ray of hope to many football fans for a normal 2011 NFL season, a report surfaced on several websites today suggesting the league office was preparing for a schedule that included as few as 8 games.  In this model, the regular season would start in early November, with several prior weeks set aside for free agency and training camp.  Although some football fans may look at this report favorable since it seems to guarantee some type of football in 2011, one group of over 30 million people should begin to worry.  That group would be fantasy football owners.

In a typical year, fantasy football owners would begin their season in June.  Owners often will keep track of free agent movement in March and will find out the where the stars of the NFL draft end up in April.  However, June is when things start to truly pick up as word starts to come out of various team camps as to which players look great this season.  Fantasy magazines start to show up on shelves and in mailboxes to let fantasy owners, both expert and novice, know which position battles to pay attention to for fantasy draft purposes.  Websites begin to post fantasy cheat sheets and league commissioners finalize a location for the upcoming draft.  Remember, 2011 is not a normal year.

Would fantasy football be an option with only an 8 game NFL schedule?  Let’s take a quick look at a possible scenario, using a 12 team league, and see.  Typically, a fantasy season ends one week prior to the final regular season game week to make sure an owner does not fall victim to a situation where a coach sits a star player when a playoff spot is already guaranteed.  If we subtract that week from our 8 week season, we only have 7 possible game weeks for both a fantasy football regular season and playoffs.  What would the schedule look like?  How would a league commissioner decide which teams play each other?  Would an owner be upset if he was stuck playing against Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers in the abbreviated season while another owner had the chance to only face aging quarterbacks like Matt Hasselbeck and Donovan McNabb?  How would playoff teams be picked?  With this many questions needing to be answered and, with no good answers existing to these  pressing questions, I assume the majority of fantasy football leagues would simply shut down.           

It seems that the NFL lockout has once again threatened to hurt those who should matter most- the fans.  In late May, the Washington Post published an article that talked about the negative reprocussions of a missed 2011 season as it relates to the the $800 million fantasy football industry.  The majority of the fantasy football magazine publishers, bars which host fantasy drafts, and owners of fantasy-related websites (this one included) stand to be financially impacted by the apparent greed of the owners and players.  Additonally, fans who have grown to love football due to its fantasy simplicity will be forced to find other forms

Fantasy football has been pivotal in the growth of NFL football since its inception in the late 1980s.  With the industry booming, generating nearly a billion dollars a year in 2011, it will be interesting to see what type of negative impact it could have on the game if the 2011 season is lost.

A Changing of the Guard: Why Josh Freeman is the best quarterback in the NFC South

Glancing over the quarterback landscape of the NFC South, it is easy to overlook Tampa Bay Buccaneer Josh Freeman.  Drew Brees is a Super Bowl champion and the man who may have single-handledly saved football in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina and Matt Ryan led the Atlanta Falcons to the best record in the conference in 2010.  There is even more buzz around the quarterback situation with the Carolina Panthers since they took Cam Newton, both an entertainer and an icon and the 2010 Heisman trophy winner, as the number one overall pick in this year’s draft.  How does Josh Freeman fit into this group?  He may be the player with the highest ceiling for 2011.

After leaving Kansas State early for the NFL, Josh Freeman was asked to start the final 9 games of the season for the hapless 2009 Buccaneers by first year head coach Raheem Morris.  Despite a rough start to his career which saw him throw 18 interceptions in those 9 starts, Freeman maintained his status as the starter for 2010 and proved that he learned from those rookie mistakes.  In only his second full season, Freeman emerged as an offensive force, leading the Buccaneers to a 10-6 record and getting the team to the brink of a playoff berth.  His +19 touchdown to interception disparity was better than Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, and Aaaron Rodgers, while his 95.9 quarterback rating was the best mark in the NFC South.  Factoring in the lack of experience at the skill positions in Tampa’s offense(typically Freeman was surrounded by 3 rookies at the running back and the wide receiver positions) Freeman’s season seems even more remarkable.  With Kellen Winslow Jr. finally feeling healthy and with Mike Williams, Arrelious Benn, and LeGarrette Blount all having a year’s worth of experience under their belt, the NFC South could have a new face as its signature quarterback in 2011.

What can we expect from the 3rd year pro this year?  Tampa has the ability to add pieces to their offensive unit when the lockout ends and player transactions resume.  If the team adds a solid veteran receiver to their young core, I would not be surprised if Freeman eclipses the 4,000 passing yard mark and I believe he could also end up with north of 30 touchdown passes.  Free agents like Santonio Holmes, Malcolm Floyd, Braylon Edwards, and Santana Moss, would be wise to look to make the move to Tampa to play with Josh Freeman, a rising star who appears ready to make the leap to  elite NFL quarterback.

See You In July: Two guys talk Terrell Pryor and the supplemental draft, Hard Knocks, and Lebron James

This week Two Guys talk about the firestorm surrounding Ohio St and how it will affect the futures of former coach Jim Tressel and quarterback Terrell Pryor.

Other topics discussed were the pending release of Plaxico Burress on June 6th, the hard times that Hard Knocks is going through, and why Lebron James will win his first NBA title.

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