Yo Adrian! Do not expect to see the real Adrian Peterson in 2012

While the New York Giants are still relishing their Super Bowl victory, the Minnesota Vikings still must be reeling from a disastrous season.  Not only was the Donovan McNabb experiment a huge failure but the Vikings also lost their star running back, Adrian Peterson, to a knee injury in Week 16.   Not only did Vikings fans have to suffer through a horrific season but they also lost their franchise back to a career-threatening injury in the process.

Will we ever see Adrian Peterson be as dominant?

Peterson is about as big of a physical marvel as you can find in the NFL and he has already aggressively begun rehab work on his knee, but the Vikings should look at NFL history before relying too heavily on AP in 2012.  Whether it is Ronnie Brown, Edgerrin James, or Terrell Davis,  running backs that suffer an ACL injury are nowhere near as effective in their first year back on the field.

Peterson has been the only running back who has been a lock to be picked in the top 5 in your fantasy draft each of the last 4 seasons, what should you do in 2012?  Let him sit until the 4th round.  As crazy at it sounds, Peterson, assuming he is ready for the season opener which is a huge assumption, will most likely be a shell of himself as he adjusts to playing with a reconstructed knee.  He very well might be totally healthy but the apprehension concerning his knee will keep him from being the dominant force we are accustomed to seeing.  In fact, Toby Gerhart should be a better option than AP in your 2012 league.

After suffering so much in 2011, it is tough for Vikings fans to prepare themselves for these circumstances, but 2012, will most likely be another down year for both the team and its marquee player.

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Evan’s Super Bowl Spotlight

The Guy I Like: Hakeem Nicks, New York Giants

Despite what we may have seen so far in the playoffs, the New England Patriots do not have a good secondary. They have been able to mask this deficiency a bit by matching up with 2 subpar passing offenses thus far in the postseason (although Joe Flacco and his average group of receivers posted solid numbers and presented quite a scare to Tom Brady and company) to make another Super Bowl trip. The Giants are in no way a subpar passing offense.

While Victor Cruz was the breakout performer of the regular season, Hakeem Nicks has been unstoppable during the postseason. With 2 weeks to prepare, expect Bill Belichick to come up with a way to slow down Cruz, but the Pats do not have the personnel to slow down the more physically imposing Nicks. Expect Nicks to find the endzone and surpass 100 yards receiving in the game, numbers that will put him in discussion for Super Bowl MVP.

The Guy I Do Not Like: Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots

I know, I know, no one has stopped this guy all season long. I do not know if there is any player in the NFL that can stop him when he is at full strength, however that will not be the case in the Super Bowl due to a high sprain. With this injury limiting his mobility, the excellent pass coverage abilities of the Giants safeties, and with the Patriots needing their tight ends to frequently chip the Giants pass rushers, expect Gronk to put up numbers more typical of an average tight end.

Expect many of the other Patriot receivers to have solid games as Gronkowski is sure to still draw a ton of attention. I think Tom Brady will look towards Deion Branch fairly frequently, and I do see BenJarvus Green-Ellis generating a bit of a ground attack. Gronkowski will still play a major role in the game, his numbers simply will not reflect it.

Frank’s Super Bowl Spotlight

The Guy I Like: Eli Manning, New York Giants

What’s not to like? He’s saved his best football for the playoffs and he looks he is on a mission to prove to everyone that he is not only one of the best quarterbacks in the league but potentially an all time great one. Certainly the guy he’s going against, Tom Brady, is already there. But what you would say about Eli if he defeats Tom Brady for the second time in 4 four years on the biggest stage?

I think New England will have a plan for stopping Cruz but they can’t double team all the Giants receivers. I like Eli to find the holes in the Patriot secondary all day. When it’s all said and done Look for Eli to add another Super Bowl MVP Trophy to his collection.

The Guy I Don’t Like: Chad Ochocinco, New England Patriots

I think the Patriots will have a great plan regardless of whether Gronkowski plays and is effective. However, I don’t think Chad Ochocinco will be the guy to pick up the slack. Brady has a ton of other weapons and he doesn’t appear to have a whole lot of confidence in Ochocinco at this point in the season.

It seems like the ultimate dream for people who love crazy stories to imagine Chad Johnson strutting his stuff in the Super Bowl, but I wouldn’t put money on any prop bet that has him with more than 50 yards receiving.

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