Week 9 Power Rankings

Heading into Week 9 Frank ranks all 32 NFL teams.
1Falcons7 - 0So much for barely escaping. The Falcons went to Philly on mission to prove they are the NFC's best. Mission accomplished Atlanta.
2Giants6 - 2The Giants are funny team. They've never been worse than 5 - 3 through 8 games in the 9 years of the Coughlin era. Let's see if they can avoid the inevitable 2nd half swoon this season.
3Texans6 - 1Texans will be rested and ready to go against a weak Bills rushing defense that features former Texan Mario Williams.
4Bears6 - 2The defensive touchdown returns are occurring at a rate that isn't sustainable but this Bears team has that 2006 feel, albeit with a better QB at the helm.
549ers6 - 2Efficient Alex Smith was back at work on Monday Night carving up the Cards defense for 3 touchdowns. Why don't they use Randy Moss more often? Just saying.
6Packers5 - 3Strange game. The Jags came to play and the Packers were a little bit off. Sometimes being unfamiliar with out of conference opponent can throw a team for a loop but the Packers handled it nicely sans their 2 best wide outs.
7Ravens5 - 2Joe Flacco. It's time to step up my friend.
8Patriots5 - 3Their 45 point outburst proves they are still capable of great offensive feats but don't confuse this offense with the one from 2007.
9Broncos4 - 3Here come the Broncos. Blah, Blah, Blah... Wake me up in January.
10Steelers4 - 3Why is Mike Wallace playing like Desean Jackson light? You mad about your contract, Bro?
11Seahawks4 - 4This team has been much better than even they could have imagined but 3 division losses (4 in conference) will have them on the outside looking in come playoff time.
12Vikings5 - 3Pitiful performance on Thursday night. Those kinds of continued efforts will sink the Vikings ship quite quickly.
13Dolphins4 - 3Somehow they aquired have all the pieces (running game, defense, young QB) but no one is taking them seriously. Maybe it's the lack of a vertical threat in the passing game. Yeah, that's it.
14Colts4 - 3Luck has them winning which is important. Changing the culture of losing can be difficult and Luck is already proving his mettle in that arena.
15Cowboys3 - 4Inches away from a comeback for the ages. A couple of losses from the season being over. That my friend is the Cowboys season in a nut shell.
16Bengals3 - 4The Bengals season started with such promise, then 3 straight losses. This week is a must win against Denver.
17Eagles3 - 4Bad offensive line and bad play calling will derail any offense. And by the way Nhamdi Asoughma is overrated.
18Redskins3 - 5Hi Mike Shanahan don't run your franchise QB down the field as a receiver. Just get better receivers.
19Cardinals4 - 4Well, this house of Cards has fallen. Too cliche? Sorry, maybe it's more apt to say the hand they were dealt wasn't so good? I'm trying here.
20Lions3 - 4Hey Matt Stafford. Welcome to back to Elite QB land. We've missed you.
21Buccaneers3 - 4 Doug Martin and Josh Freeman have the making of great young offensive core. Let's see how they progress during the second half of the season.
22Raiders3 - 4Denarius Moore is the real deal at receiver. Keep an eye an Oakland before you hand the division to Denver.
23Jets3 - 5Just bring in Tim Tebow already.
24Titans3 - 5When is Jake Locker coming back? The Titans really need to find out if he can lead them where they want to go since Hasselbeck is playing on borrowed time.
25Chargers3 - 46 points against the Browns. So much for the Chargers offensive explosiveness. And what the heck is wrong with Philip Rivers?
26Bills3 - 4Their season is already over for the most part, but a win against the Texans could change the course of their season. Stay tuned...
27Browns2 - 6The offense is still a work in progress but the defense packs a punch.
28Saints2 - 5Too one dimensional. No running game. No defense.
29Rams3 - 5It looked like the Rams were still playing on Mountain Time in London.
30Panthers1 - 6Another close loss. Hang in there Cam, it gets better.
31Jags1 - 6Blaine Gabbert showed some toughness playing through a torn labrum. And he played fairly well also. Got to look for the positives down this low in the rankings.
32Chiefs1 - 6Brady Quinn or Matt Cassel? What does it matter? Neither one can seem to win a game.

Rise Young Titus: 5 Things About Week 8 In Fantasy Football

  • Titus ready to shine
    • Titus Young had the best game of his career against the Seahawks on Sunday. He finally showed the potential that many fantasy owners had been expecting coming into this season. This could be a breakthrough moment for Young who will continue to have opportunities as long as Calvin Johnson lines up opposite of him.
  • Brady Bounces Back
    • Brady proved he still is Brady with a stellar performance in victory over the Rams on Sunday. It’s not like you would ever bench Brady (other than bye week or injury) but it’s nice to see Brady performing like the first round pick we all know him to be.
  • Alex Smith for starter?
    • Alex Smith had been horrendous in the last couple games throwing 4 interceptions and looking inept offensively. Monday night against the Cardinals, Smith rebounded for 3 touchdown passes and only had one incompletion in his 19 pass attempts. Certainly, this performance won’t make Alex Smith a starter every week but he could worth picking up as insurance down the stretch in case of injury and/or bye weeks.
  • Gates are closed
    • It’s over. Antonio Gates is officially an average tight end. If you drafted him and you have better bench options it’s time to start playing them. There are some decent tight ends probably still on waivers in your league, it’s time to look at those options as well.
  • My Favorite Martin
    • Doug Martin had the biggest game of his young career in a win over the Vikings last Thursday. With 135 yards rushing and another 79 yards through the air Martin showed his versatility and explosiveness. You can’t expect this type of game every week but it’s clear Martin is the Bucs #1 back and he should be in your line up every week.

Bearing Down: Is Chicago the best in the NFC? 10 Things About Week 8 in the NFL


Here goes the run down for Week 8:

  • The Bears aren’t who we thought they were?
    • You would been laughed out of the room if you claimed the Bears were going to be the NFC’s best team when the season started. They may have just squeaked out a win against a scrappy, underachieving Panthers team on Sunday but they still found a way to get the victory. With their only loss coming on a Thursday night to the Packers, in a road game, Chicago belongs in the conversation involving the NFC’s elite. And with a defense that already has 6 touchdown returns I’d be surprised if they didn’t stay in that discussion all season long.

  • Reid should stick with Vick
    • Michael Vick has had his struggles this seaso,n but benching Vick would not be solving the Eagles biggest problem. The play calling has been atrocious this season and LeSean McCoy who was one the best players in the league last year is now just an after thought. The offensive line is nothing to write home about either, as Michael Vick is taking hits on almost every drop back. In the end, the Eagles may just not be as good we all think they are. And for Andy Reid that looks the end of his great run in Philadelphia.
  • Steelers stop RG3
    • The result of this game really doesn’t surprise me. The Steelers are a much more complete team than the Redskins and they were able to neutralize Griffin with their defensive schemes. Granted, the Redskins receivers didn’t help Griffin out much, with at least 10 official drops. Big Ben also torched the Redskins secondary and Antonio Brown made big plays down field all day. The Steelers are the dark horse team in the AFC that no one is really looking at but should be a factor down the stretch.
  • Giants control the East
    • The Giants blew a 23 point lead and then almost blew the entire game on a busted coverage that left Dez Bryant open, but they managed to escape with a division road win that gives them complete control of the NFC East halfway through the season. But before you hand the division to the Giants lets remember they were 6 – 2 last year before losing 4 straight games. Second halves of seasons has never been Coughlin’s strength with the Giants, but this year the Giants look to be in a position to handle the stretch run with better results.
  • Luck shines again
    • Andrew Luck lead the Colts to their 4th victory on Sunday, doubling their win total from last season. The win over the Titans was impressive but the Colts shouldn’t start printing playoff tickets just yet. The Colts clearly are moving in the right direction with young players like Luck, Ballard, Fleener, and Hilton on their roster but it may take a couple of season before they become serious contenders.
  • Patriots bring London Blitz to Wembley Stadium
    • Remember last week when the Patriots were looking really average on offense? Well, after a 45 point explosion against the Rams in London it looks the rumors of the decline of the New England offense was greatly exaggerated.
      Still, I question the consistency of the Patriots offense because they have been hot and cold from week to week. But I think the main point to realize is that in the Marathon that is the NFL season the Patriots know how to run the race better than most.
  • Viking Collapse
    • So last week I was singing the praises of the Vikings and even believing they could compete long term in the NFC North. But after watching them struggle badly in a loss against the Bucs on Thursday night, I’m not ready to pull my endorsement but I wish I would have waited a few more weeks before jumping on the bandwagon. I think the biggest problem the Vikings are going to have is dealing with the expectations that they have created with their early success this season. Leslie Frazier needs to remind his team of the things that got them off to a great start, otherwise their season will begin to slip away.
  • Packers still winning
    • Most teams would not be able to overcome the loss of their top two wide outs but the Packers gutted out a win against a pesky Jaguars team to grab their third straight victory. The good news for Packers fans is that Jennings and Nelson will be back this season and their current absence might bode well as Aaron Rodgers will continue to develop better chemistry with Cobb, Finley, and James Jones. In the end, the Packers might be stronger down the stretch as they have to learn to rely on other options in the interim.
  • Broncos are good
    • So now that Peyton is regaining his form from say 2 or 3 years ago, what is the ceiling for the Broncos? Midway through the season it looks the Broncos are the best team in the AFC West, but can they contend for a title?
      Conventional wisdom says any team with a healthy Peyton Manning can contend for a title. But it’s a long season so let’s hold off on putting the Broncos in the Super Bowl just yet. I want to see if Peyton’s kneck/arm strength will continue to be as solid as it has been early this season as the weather gets colder down the stretch.
  • Half-Way Home
    • It seems crazy to be halfway through the season, but here we are. The Falcons are the lone undefeated team and the Texans have been the best in the AFC. However, in today’s NFL the best teams from each conference at the midway rarely meet in the Super Bowl. While a Falcons-Texans Super Bowl match up would be quite exciting it’s likely that another team will emerge towards the end of season and catch us by surprise. And that’s what makes the NFL great, right?

Evan’s Hot Seat: Eli Manning

eli manning

It almost seems comical to think that prior to the 2011 season there was a debate as to whether or not Eli Manning was an elite quarterback.  After another Super Bowl championship and a tremendous start to 2012 season, little doubt remains that Eli is one of the best there is.  Despite the rash of injuries that have effected the New York Giants receiving corps this year, Manning has found a way to lead the league in passing yards through the first 7 weeks of the 2012 season by throwing to whoever is healthy on a given week.  After struggling over the years to play consistently, Manning has yet to have a bad game in 2012- making the Giants look extremely dangerous for opponents.  With Manning playing well, the running game clicking, and the defensive front continuing to pressure opposing quarterbacks, the Giants look like a Super Bowl-caliber team.

When truly analyzing Manning’s play, the change in his production truly dates back to the beginning of the 2011 season.  Prior to 2011, Manning seemed to try to force a lot more throws to veteran receivers like Plaxico Burress and Jeremy Shockey to keep them happy.  By not going through his progressions and finding the open receiver, Manning’s ill-advised throws often landed in the hands of an opposing defender- as recently as 2010, Eli Manning led the league with 25 interceptions.  Beginning in 2011, that mentality changed.  The Giants roster had turned over and gone were the coddled veterans, replaced by young and talented guys like Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz.  Manning began looking for the open receiver rather than forcing throws and for the first time in his career he is on pace to target 7 different receivers more than 30 times in 2012.  Additionally, since he simply throwing to the guy who is open, Manning has seen his interception rate (the percentage of his throws that resulted in interceptions) dropped from 4.6 in 2010 to 2.6 over his past 23 regular season games.

How is the change in Eli’s game effecting his teammates production on the field?  Let’s look at some key things.


Whether it is Nicks or Cruz, Manning simply throws to the guy who is open

Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz

I talked at length about how Eli is simply looking for the open receiver and delivering the ball to that guy.  Cruz and Nicks are simply the best guys on the roster, and among the best in football, at getting open.  When both guys are healthy, Manning tends to target them about the same number of times per game (in 2011, Nicks was targeted 133 times and Cruz was targeted 131).  The numbers are skewed this season due to Nicks’ injury trouble (Cruz is on pace to receive a whopping 185 targets) but when both are healthy there are more than enough balls that each can post great numbers on a weekly basis.  Other receivers will have good weeks- like Ramses Barden and Domenik Hixon- but Nicks and Cruz will consistently produce due to their ability to beat defenders and find openings in the defense.


New York Giants Running Backs

With Manning playing so effectively, the Giants do not need to rely on their running game nearly as much as they used to.  In 2010, the Giants running backs averaged nearly 30 carries per game in an offense.  Since 2010, the Giants have reduced the number of touches for running backs to about 24 per contest.  With less touches comes less opportunity for backs to post stats.  Ahmad Bradshaw has done a good job thus far in making the most of the times he finds the ball in his hands posting 600 total yards through 7 games (although it is worth noting that his numbers are somewhat skewed by a 34 touch, 229 total yard performance in Week 5 against an overmatched Cleveland Browns team), but his fellow backfield mates are not producing though due to their collective lack of action.  As long as the passing game remains dynamic, Giant running backs will struggle to be consistent performers making it difficult to gauge how to use them on your fantasy roster.


What we are seeing in Eli Manning is a quarterback playing to the peak of his ability.  He has come close to mastering the mental side of the game while still possessing elite physical skills.  As a football fan, I am excited to see how high Eli can climb among the pantheon of great quarterbacks, as he continues to play consistently and effectively for the New York Giants.

Week 8 Game Picks

Frank picks against the spread for Week 8.
Vikings over Buccaneers(+6.5)
Vikings continue their surprise season with a Thursday night win over the hapless Buccaneers.
Broncos over Saints(+6)
Should be a shoot out but I think Peyton comes out on top over Brees in this one.
Eagles(-2) over Falcons
Andy Reid is 13-0 after a bye week. You've been warned Atlanta.
Steelers(-4.5) over Redskins
Steelers and Big Ben get the best of RG3 and the Skins in this one.
Last Week: 3 - 1 (1 - 3 vs spread)
2012 Season: 17 - 11 (15 - 13 vs spread)

2 Guys Fantasy – 2 Guys 2 Watch: Week 8


Evan’s Week 8 Spotlight

The Guy I Like: Joel Dreesen, Denver Broncos

I have to admit, I was skeptical as to what type of success Peyton Manning would have in Denver coming off a season lost to injury. Manning has proven me wrong to this point in the season as he is on pace to throw for over 4800 yards and 37 TDs. With Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints matching up with Manning this week, the ball is certain to be tossed around quite a lot. While receivers like Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas should be consistent starters for your fantasy team, Joel Dreesen should be a great play for you as a tight end this week. While there was a lot of talk about Jacob Tamme being a favroite target of Manning’s coming into the season since the two played together in Indianapolis, Dreesen has been the tight end getting the targets around the goal line (3 TD catches in 6 games to Tamme’s 1). With Manning extremely likely to throw for multiple TDs in the game, I fully expect Dreesen to find the end zone on Sunday while surpassing 50 receiving yards.

The Guy I Do Not Like: LaRod Stephens-Howling, Arizona Cardinals

I understand you are excited you were able to get him on waivers over the past couple weeks. I also know he rushed for 100+ yards last week. I also know if you start LaRod Stephens-Howling this week you will be extremely disappointed with the results you see because the Cardinals welcome the San Francisco 49ers to town this week. Although the 49ers defense has not looked as dominant over the past couple weeks as it did last year, they should not have much trouble shutting down a back who has averaged only 3.7 yards per carry throughout his career. At a tiny 5’7″, 185 lbs., Stephens-Howling will struggle to stay on the field against a bruising defensive unit that is looking to carry its team back to the top of the division. If you do make the mistake of using Stephens-Howling this week, expect him to touch the ball no more than 15 times in the game which will lead to fewer than 50 total yards.

Frank’s Week 8 Spotlight

The Guy I Like: Martellus Bennett, New York Giants

On the surface it looks like the typical guy facing the team that let him go and wanting to prove something scenario. But it’s more than that. Through seven games Bennett has already set a career high in yardage (303) and has 3 touchdowns which is only one off of his career high. Bottom line, Bennett is having a career year and he’s playing with a better QB this season.

I like the former Cowboy tight end to find the end zone at least once and be close to 80 yards receiving when it’s all said and done.

The Guy I Don’t Like: Brandon Lafell, Carolina Panthers

Brandon Lafell looked like he was going to have a break out season through the first couple of games but since then he’s fallen on hard times. Part of his struggles can be directly related to Cam’s struggles but it takes two to tango. Lafell might be worth starting later on down the road this season but he faces a very tough foe in the Bears defense.

The Bears defense has been a turnover machine and has done a great job of shutting down marquee wide outs so far this season. If you start Lafell in this one don’t expect more than 45 yards and he is not likely to find the end zone.

Bad News Lions – 2 Guys talk fantasy disappointments & which players are worth grabbing in week 8


Week 7 is in the books and many fantasy owners are left scratching their heads at some of the performances on the field so far.

The Detroit Lions have been one of the biggest fantasy busts so far this season and 2 Guys talk about how to mitigate Lions players on your roster going forward.

Frank and Evan also disagree on whether or not Chris Johnson should be traded after his best game of the season.

Lastly, Evan goes over a list of players on waivers who are worth picking up and those that are not.

Week 8 Power Rankings

Frank ranks all 32 teams heading into Week 8.
1Falcons6 - 0Bye week should have given them a chance to see that the last 3 wins could have been losses. They'll be ready for the Eagles.
2Giants5 - 2Where would the Giants be without Victor Cruz?
3Texans6 - 1They would have dismantled the Ravens defense with or without Ray Lewis. The Texans are that good.
4Bears5 - 1Their defense has been nothing short of amazing this year. If Cutler gets his head out his arse this team will go far.
549ers5 - 2Tough division win over Seattle on a short week was impressive but Alex Smith's performance should be a bit of a concern.
6Packers 4 - 32 games, 9 touchdowns and 72 points later the Packers offense has been found. Call off the search.
7Ravens5 - 2So they lost a game. That in itself is hardly noteworthy. But what is a major concern to me is the fact that the Ravens defense cannot stop the run.
8Vikings5 - 2So now we know why Ponder is playing so well. He's in the honeymoon phase with new girl friend, ESPN reporter, Samantha Steele. After the buzz wears off will be able to sustain his great play?
9Patriots4 - 3Ugly win. But a win no less. Brady looks a bit off, the defense is a little bit shaky but there title chances are still as good as anyone in the AFC.
10Seahawks4 - 3I really like them as a playoff team but 3 early division losses could be the death knell when it comes down to tie breakers.
11Broncos3 - 3Peyton and the gang are gonna come out flying after the bye week. Just watch.
12Steelers3 - 3Gritty road division win. It's amazing how some teams (like the Steelers) win games where they are routinely outplayed for a half or more.
13Redskins3 - 4Robert Griffin III is as good as advertised. The Redskins defense is worse than expected. Such is the law of averages.
14Cowboys3 - 3Who is this team? I have no idea. If they beat the Giants this week they'll have a two game sweep on the Champs, but even with that edge they'd still find a way to blow it. Am I being too harsh?
15Eagles3 - 3Vick you're on a short leash. Too soon?
16Dolphins3 - 3Did you know that the offspring of a male whale and female dolphin is a wholphin? Bye week fun fact brought to you by Frank Football.
17Cardinals4 - 3It's clear this team's 4 - 0 start was a mirage but is all the magic gone from the lamp already?
18Bengals3 - 4The Red Rifle has been shooting the Bengals offense in the foot lately. Yeah I've had too much sugar. Don't hold it against me.
19Jets3 - 4Well what did you get Tebow for? I mean, really, line up and give him the ball on short yardage situations. That is an order.
20Saints2 - 4 Brees might throw for 6,000 yards but this team is going nowhere fast. No balance offensively and a horrendous defense spells 6 - 10.
21Ram3 - 4What happened to Sam Bradford? He looks really mediocre to me.
22Chargers3 - 3Had a week to mull over their horrendous meltdown. Luckily they play the Browns this week. Right?
23Titans3 - 4Chris Johnson is back from the dead. Rejoice all ye fantasy owners.
24Bills3 - 4Defense is terrible. Offense is mediocre. Special teams not special. What exactly is a Buffalo Bill anyway?
25Colts3 - 3Andrew Luck is most under the radar first round pick of all time. Think about it.
26Lions2 - 4What is wrong with this team? Quick answer is teams are double teaming Megatron everywhere he goes and Stafford still hasn't adjusted. The real answer would not fit in this little box.
27Buccaneers2 - 4Vincent Jackson. Wow. Think the Chargers would like to have him back?
28Raiders2 - 4They got a sorry win against a sorry Jacksonville team.
29Panthers1 - 5Hey Cam, I've got a suggestion for that little suggestion box you mentioned. Smile. The game doesn't look fun to you anymore.
30Browns1 - 6Brandon Weeden is showing more than I ever thought he would. But this team is still 1 - 6.
31Jaguars1 - 5MJD's foot injury is why great players holdout. Now MJD's leverage is nil going into next season.
32Chiefs1 - 5Brady Quinn. Really? I thought Romeo Crennel wanted to keep his job?

The Return of CJ2K: 5 Thing About Week 7 in Fantasy Football

  • CJ2K back on track?
    • Ok. I can only say I feel for you if you had his 195 yard two touchdown performance on your bench.
      Regardless as I often like to say Chris Johnson passes the eye test as a fantasy stud this week, but what about the other weeks before? My thought is, it wouldn’t be a bad time to move Johnson in a trade considering he just faced the leagues last ranked run defense. Of course, holding on to him is tempting, but I think he’s just had his best game of the season.
  • Rock out with your Gronk out
    • This is the type of performance people have been hoping Gronkowski would have all season. But with a new offensive coordinator (Josh McDaniels) and Hernandez missing time due to injury the Gronk has gotten off to a slow start. Expect more trips to the end zone as the season progresses.
  • What can Brown do for you?
    • Andre Brown found the end zone for the fourth time this season and although he had limited carries he is still the handcuff to own for Bradshaw owners. Bradshaw’s nagging foot injury could lead to more carries for Brown very soon.
  • In with the Brees
    • No Jimmy Graham, no problem. Drew Brees tossed 4 touchdowns in the first half in a victory over Tampa Bay. The main thing that can be taken from this game is if Jimmy Graham misses extended time Brees will not suffer from a numbers stand point but the ball will get spread around to a number of different receivers. With this in mind if you play in deeper leagues and need a flex play, don’t overlook the Saints offense which is very pass heavy this season.
  • Trade Opportunities
    • After seven weeks the waiver wire is probably a barren waste land in most leagues. Trying to acquire talent that can help you win is going to come down to making some great trades. It can be tough to get started in making good trades but this article (click here) explains how to get it done and come out ahead in trades.

Run-Away Cruz: 10 Things About Week 7 in the NFL


Here goes the run down for Week 7:

  • Cruz Control
    • Before you crucify the Redskins secondary for allowing Victor Cruz to get behind them, lets talk about what an explosive play maker Cruz has become.

      Right now I believe he is the most explosive offensive player in the NFL. With his 77 yard game winning touchdown yesterday Cruz has the most touchdown catches over 70 yards (6) of any player since 1965. Think about that one for a second. How many players would you want playing receiver for your team before you get to Cruz? After yesterday the list just got a lot shorter.

  • RG3 stellar in defeat
    • I was a huge Cam Newton fan (still am) but Griffin’s debut is just as remarkable as Newton’s debut in 2011. The pocket presence and maturity is a rare quality for a QB so young in his career. If the Redskins continue to add talent around Griffin while supplementing his development with plays that take advantage of his rare athleticism there is no reason the Redskins won’t be contending in the NFC East for years to come.
  • Luck Better than Good
    • I think people have forgotten that Andrew Luck was the number one pick in the draft with all the hype around RG3. Luck has quietly lead the Colts to a 3 – 3 record and with his two rushing touchdowns did his best RG3 impression in a win over the Browns on Sunday. Luck hasn’t been quite as consistent as Griffin but there is no reason to think the Colts don’t have their franchise QB of the future.
  • Texans swat Ravens
    • J.J. Watt and the Texans devastated the Ravens offense in a 43 – 13 victory that wasn’t even that close.

      I know some of the talk will be about how the Ravens were decimated on defense, but to me the outcome of the game would have been the same regardless of who the Ravens lined up on the field. The Texans are the best team in the AFC and they proved it yesterday.

  • Cowboys escape Charlotte with a win
    • The Cowboys defeated the Panthers on Sunday set up a showdown for first place against the Giants next week.

      Of course, it wasn’t easy for the Cowboys as they struggled to move the ball offensively and needed a last minute defensive stand to get the victory.

      In the end, if the Cowboys can beat the Giants next week they will own the season series tie breaker and have the inside track for the NFC East crown.

  • Patriots look Average
    • Call me crazy, but doesn’t it seem like the Patriots look real average this season? Sure, they beat the Jets, but they blew a double digit fourth quarter lead for the second straight week and it looks like the Patriot mystique is more rumor than fact at this point.

      But then again the Pats are in first place.

      Counts for something right?

  • Vikings deal Cards 3rd consecutive loss
    • The Vikings continue to be the surprise team of the NFC with their win over the Cardinals on Sunday. Christian Ponder continues his steady play and Adrian Peterson’s recovery from knee surgery last year is nothing short of amazing.

      The Vikings haven’t played the Packers or Bears yet, but there is no reason to think they can’t compete for the NFC North title based on what they’ve shown so far.

  • Pack attack back?
    • I guess the demise of the Green Bay offense has been greatly exaggerated. Even with Greg Jennings missing the last two games Aaron Rodgers has thrown nine touchdowns and lead Green Bay’s offense to 72 points.

      The Packers are looking like their early season offensive struggles were more of a growing pain of adjusting to life under a new offensive coordinator rather than degradation in offensive skill or scheme.

  • The NFC is deep
    • Right now there are 8 teams with winning records in the NFC. Clearly the balance of power lies in the NFC, especially with rise of teams in the NFC West and NFC North. Traditionally, the NFL power balance has been cyclical so it’s not really a surprise based on that fact. The only thing that sticks out to me is that the transition seemed to happen over night.
  • I Hate Bye Weeks
    • Don’t get me wrong, I believe all teams deserve a break from the grueling 16 game schedule. However, with the now mandatory Thursday night, Sunday night, and Monday night games the slate of action on Sunday afternoons is a bit thin during the bye weeks.

      I don’t know about you but I believe that football is best enjoyed on a Sunday afternoon.

      Call me old fashioned, but don’t call me crazy.