Year of the QB? – 2 Guys look back at fantasy surprises and disappointments in 2012


For most you guys the fantasy season is over.

Heading into Week 17 2 Guys look back at the fantasy surprises and disappointments of 2012 and the emergence of the QB as the dominant position in fantasy football.

2 Guys also explore what the first round of fantasy football will look like in 2013 and who has the potential to be a breakout star.

Lastly, 2 Guys throw barbs back and forth about who gives the best fantasy advice and wish all of the listeners a Happy New Year.

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Week 17 Game Picks

Frank picks against the spread for Week 17.
Packers(-3.5) over Vikings
AP has had a great season but Aaron Rodgers is playing for the better team in this one.
Giants over Eagles(+7.5)
Giants are likely out the playoffs and the Eagles will be inspired in Andy Reid's last game, but this is the NFL where the opposite happens.
Colts(+7) over Texans
Colts can't win the division with a victory but they can sure wreak on the Texans playoff seeding.
Redskins(-3) over Cowboys
Who do you trust more in a big game? RG3 or Romo? Thought so.
Last Week: 4 - 0 (3 - 1 vs spread)
2012 Season: 41 - 23 (32 - 31 - 1 vs spread)

Week 17 Power Poll

Frank ranks all 32 teams heading into Week 17.
1Broncos12 - 310 straight wins and still no signs of slowing down. It'll be interesting to see what the postseason brings.
2Patriots11 - 4Stop me if you've heard this before. They have Brady so they have a great chance to be back in Super Bowl XLVII.
3Falcons13 - 2They finally wrapped up home field. The only goal for week 17 is not to suffer any major injuries.
4Packers11 - 4That controversial call at the end of the MNF game against the Seahawks could end up being the difference between a first round bye or playing on wild card weekend.
5Seahawks10 - 5They are becoming the proverbial freight train no one wants to get in front of.
6Redskins9 - 6Another week another win. With a victory over Dallas next week what seemed impossible (playoffs) will be a reality. Catch your dreams RG3 always said.
749ers10 - 4 -1Rough game last week. Kaepernick looked like a rookie and the defense got shredded. But playing Seattle has that effect on a lot of teams.
8Texans12 - 3It could be slipping away. If they lose against the Colts in week 17 they go could from #1 seed to playing on wild card weekend.
9Colts10 - 5Interesting how the Colts are one of three teams in my top 10 with rookie QBs. It must be a trend. Or could it be Luck?
10Ravens10 - 5The Ravens walloped the Giants but there are still question marks on the defensive side of the football heading into the playoffs.
11Bengals9 - 6Interesting how Carson Palmer retired, demanded to be traded, got traded, and then just like that the Bengals are in the playoffs for the second consecutive year.
12Vikings9 - 6If anybody but Christian Ponder was their QB (well not anybody) but if they had a better passing threat they'd be a real contender.
13Bears9 - 6The Bears have an outside shot at the playoffs but the way they have played over the last month maybe it's best if they call it a season after next Sunday.
14Cowboys8 - 72 years in a row they have a chance to win the division on the road in the season finale. I guess that's a good thing, right?
15Saints7 - 8They will always ask 'what if' when it comes to the Bounty Gate Scandal.
16Giants8 - 7They have the same record heading into Week 17 as they did a year ago but this doesn't feel like a magical season. Then again, neither did last year.
17Dolphins7 - 8Finishing at .500 would be a great start for the Tannehill/Philbin era.
18Panthers6 - 9 The Panthers might just save Ron Rivera's job with their late season surge.
19Steelers7 - 8Big Ben's health is going to be a major concern heading into the offseason. How many years does he have left with the type of style he plays?
20Rams7 - 7 - 1The Rams have shown are no longer door mats in the NFC. Next year they will surprise people.
21Buccaneers6 - 9It started out so promising but 5 straight losses leads this team into the offseason with more questions than answers.
22Browns5 - 10 They'e made strides but I'm still not convinced Brandon Weeden is the long term answer at QB for the Browns.
23Chargers6 - 9So Norv Turner can finally be put out his mystery after next week. Could Andy Reid be his replacement?
24Jets6 - 9The Tebow saga has taken some of the attention away from how mediocre this team actually is.
25Lions4 - 11 At least Calvin Johnson disproved the Madden Curse with the most productive WR season (yardage wise) of all time.
26Eagles4 - 11Vick returns this week. Fitting that he will be their for Andy Reid's final game since Vick's failure to live up to his 2010 heights was one of the reasons Andy Reid's tenure in Philly is all but over.
27Titans5 - 10There are going to be some changes in Nashville next year.
28Bills5 - 10I don't what to make of this team. I just don't think you can win with Ryan Fitzpatrick as your QB, though.
29Cardinals5 - 10I've got to imagine that Kurt Warner (in his current state) would be better than any QB the Cards have put on the field this season. It's worth noting that Warner hasn't played in 3 years.
30Jaguars2 - 13Bring on Tebow.
31Raiders4 - 11Carson Palmer may want to consider retiring again after the season the Raiders have just gone through.
32Chiefs2 - 13Who will be the lucky rookie QB to take over this once proud franchise?

Vick back in the mix? – 5 Things to look for in Week 17 of Fantasy Football

michael vick
  • Nicks puts up a fantasy bagel
    • Hakeem Nicks did a great job of putting the proverbial lump of coal in fantasy owners stockings in Week 16. His production likely cost many owners many owners in what was likely the title game in most fantasy football leagues. If you survived his zero in your lineup and you have a game to play in week 17 keep Nicks out of your lineup.
  • The real McCoy
    • Lesean McCoy returned to the line up in solid fashion against the Redskins. Although he only had 45 yards rushing on 13 carries his 77 yards receiving showed he can stil produce big yards if he’s in the line up. Facing the Giants in Week 17 McCoy is a strong play against his division rivals in the season finale.
  • Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood
    • Aaron Rodgers continued his stellar play with 3 TD passes and a rushing TD against the Titans. Rodgers is still a strong play in week 17 because the Packers still have a chance at the NFCs #2 seed if the 49ers stumble in Week 17.
  • Charles in Charge
    • Jamaal Charles rushed for over 200 (226) yards for the second time this season and would likely be comeback player of the year in any season without AP and Peyton Manning in the mix. As for Week 17 against the Bronocs, Charles isn’t a great play but it’s tough to bench a guy who just ran for over 200 yards. Just don’t expect 200 yards again.
  • Vick still fantasy worthy?
    • Vick looks like he will be the Eagles starter at QB in Week 17 with Nick Foles sidelined with a broken hand. Vick has had some great performances against the Giants in seasons past but he hasn’t seen action since week 10. The kicker here is this is Michael Vicks last chance to audition for possible suitors next season. With his release likely coming after the season Vick will be motivated to prove to the league he can still play. Because of these factors Vick makes a great upside play this week.

Sleepless in Seattle – 10 Things About Week 16 in the NFL


Here goes the run down for Week 16, Happy Holidays!:

  • Seattle is for real
    • Remember when Seattle was thought to be crazy for hiring Pete Carroll amidst the scandal at USC? Then when Carroll was thought to be crazy by naming Russell Wilson his starter? At this point it appears the people who call the shots in Seattle are crazy like a fox if anything.

      Seattle is in the playoffs for the second time in three years and they have a chance to do a lot of damage in January. At this point I’m not sure how far they’ll go but I’m not going to bet against any more this season.

  • Giants come up small for 2nd straight week
    • It’s over for the Gmen. After last year’s unexpected run to the Super Bowl title the Giants have shown the same inconsistencies that had them on the brink of missing the playoffs last season. The difference this year is that they don’t control their own fate heading into Week 17 and they need quite a few things to fall in their favor to get in the playoffs. Namely, beating an Eagles team that has won 7 of the last 8 against them including a win over the Gmen in week 4. In the end, however the season ends it will be remembered as a lost opportunity for a team to prove lasting greatness in an era where winning has become synonymous with getting hot at the right time.
  • Bengals join playoff party again
    • It wasn’t pretty, but the Bengals are in the playoffs for the second straight year after beating the Steelers in Week 16. The Bengals actually survived a 4 game losing streak after their 3 – 1 start. Andy Dalton and A.J. Green are quite the young duo and the defense packs a punch that makes it hard for other teams to put points on the board. It’s hard to see this team going super deep in the playoffs given that their first round match up would likely be either Houston, Denver, or New England.

  • Falcons continue soaring
    • It’s official. Start the spreading the news. The NFC Playoffs will run through the GA Dome. Atlanta has been pretty good all season but there is still reason to doubt a team that has never won a playoff game under the current QB (Ryan) and Head Coach (Smith) battery. This January will go a long way to determining the future of the Atlanta Falcons franchise.
  • Viking Quest
    • So Adrian Peterson is well off the pace (208 yards with 1 game to go) to break Eric Dickerson’s rushing record of 2,105 yards, but the Vikings face a win an in playoff scenario against the Packers in Week 17. Considering that Adrian Peterson was questionable to start the season after his horrific knee injury late last season, his MVP caliber season should let us realize how fortunate we are to be witnessing such a great player in the prime of his career.
  • Denver hangs 10
    • The Broncos moved to within one game of clinching the AFC’s #2 seed and with a bit of luck (the #1 seed) next week. The Broncos have won 10 straight games and if they can make it 11 with a win over the hapless Chiefs they are assured of at least one home playoff game at Invesco Field. And of course if the Texans stumble against the Colts the Broncos could end up being the AFC’s #1 seed. Not bad for a team that was 2 – 3 after 5 games of the season.
  • Redskins stay red hot
    • Arguably the hottest team in the NFC, the Washington Redskins, continued their unlikely ascent to the top of the NFC East with their sixth straight victory on Sunday. The win sets up the biggest game in the Mike Shanahan era in Week 17. The Redskins host the Cowboys in a winner take all showdown that will leave the victor as NFC East Champ and the loser as another also ran. Robert Griffin III can go a long way towards earning the rookie of the year in this one if he comes up with a big performance on this stage.
  • Colts get Lucky
    • What a turnaround. Last year the Colts were 2 – 14 and figuring out how to spin releasing one of the greatest QBs (Peyton Manning) not only their history but also in the history of the NFL. Now less than a year later they are back in the playoffs with another franchise QB at their service for what looks like the foreseeable future. Some teams have all the Luck, right?
  • Cowboys get Deja Vu
    • For the second time in as many years the Cowboys head into Week 17 with a chance to win the NFC East title. Last year the Cowboys came up short in the final week against the Giants who went on to win the NFC East as well as Super Bowl XLVI. This year the Cowboys face rookie phenom RG III in a game that will likely to change the course of history for the Garret/Romo era. A win may give them another chance to return in 2013 but a loss would likely lead to major changes from top to bottom for the Cowboys. I look forward to the HD close ups of Jerry Jones thinly stretched botox face as the game gets close down the stretch.
  • Playoffs are wide open
    • Any of the teams in the playoffs are capable of making a run. If Joe Flacco can find his groove in Jim Caldwell’s new offense the Ravens could be a tough out, like wise if the young Colts continue to play fast and loose with house money they could be a team no one wants to face. In the NFC, Seattle is certainly one of the main dark horse candidates but Green Bay is quietly lurking and the 49ers probably still have the best overall defense of any playoff team in NFC. Of course, Houston and Atlanta have been the best teams since the season began so it would a departure from the recent trend of the hot team winning if both the Falcons and Texans could make it to the Super Bowl this year. Either way it should be very exciting to see how it all shakes out.

Championship! 2 Guys talk about how to win your FFL in Week 16


This is it! If you’re playing this week it’s likely for all the marbles in your league.

Congrats on your accomplishment. But now it’s time to finish the job.

Frank and Evan discuss a couple of sneaky waiver wire pick ups for Week 16 and examine a couple of marquee players (McCoy, Gronkowski) who could be on the field after returning from injury.

2 Guys also talk about late season pick ups who should continue to be in your line up and those that should not.

Lastly, Frank and Evan reiterate the importance of trusting your gut on what is likely the last weekend of fantasy football this season.

Week 16 Game Picks

Frank picks against the spread for Week 16.
Colts(-6.5) over Chiefs
Colts clinch their first of many playoff berths in the Andrew Luck era.
Redskins over Eagles(+6.5)
Looks like it could be one sided game, but this is Andy Reid's last home game and I think the team will be inspired.
Saints(+2.5) over Cowboys
The only question is will Sean Payton be on the Cowboys sideline or the Saints next season?
Seahawks(+1) over 49ers
Russell Wilson may not be the rookie of the year but Pete Carroll is certainly in the team photo for coach of year.
Last Week: 2 - 2 (2 - 2 vs spread)
2012 Season: 37 - 23 (29 - 30 - 1 vs spread)

2 Guy Fantasy – 2 Guys 2 Watch: Week 16


Evan’s Week 16 Spotlight

The Guy I Like: Danny Woodhead, New England Patriots

What a wild game for the New England Patriots last Sunday night. After looking as if they would get shut down by the league’s best defense, Tom Brady and the Patriot offense exploded in the second half for 31 points. Despite this offense output, the Pats still managed to lose the game which should have them fired up to tale out their frustration on a hapless Jacksonville Jaguars team in Week 16. I expect the Patriots to put up points throughout the game and, after Stevan Ridley fumbled early in Week 15 and was subsequently benched, I see Danny Woodhead emerging as the running back who gets the majority of the rushing opportunities this week. I expect Woodhead to get 12-15 carries to go along with 3 or 4 catches out of the backfield which will lead to 80+ total yards. I also expect Woodhead to find the end zone making him a sneaky good start in your fantasy football final.

The Guy I Do Not Like: Danario Alexander, San Diego Chargers

For a few weeks, Danario Alexander looked like he could be the San Diego Chargers answer to the departure of Vincent Jackson. Then he posted zero catches in a match up in Week 14 against a Carolina Panthers team that has been only average against the pass this season. With Antonio Cromartie matching up with Alexander this week, fresh off a game in which he held Kenny Britt to one catch for seven yards, I expect Alexander’s struggles to continue. Do not expect Alexander to surpass 50 receiving yards in this week’s game, while a trip to the end zone seems extremely unlikely. Alexander may have helped you go on a late season run to get into the playoffs, but he is an awful option to try to help you win your league’s title.

Frank’s Week 16 Spotlight

The Guy I Like: Brian Hartline, Miami Dolphins

So what’s a guy who has scored his lone touchdown in Week 4 doing in this spot? 2 reasons. As slim as their playoff hopes are Miami is still alive for a chance at the postseason so I like this team to come out motivated if only for that reason. The second reason is because Mr. Hartline has been targeted 22 times in the last 3 games. That’s an average of 7 targets a game in the last 3. He is Miami’s de facto deep threat and he faces a Buffalo Bill defense that is ranked 31st in points allowed (28.7 per game) and has pretty much given up on their season as evidenced by their debacle last week against Seattle where they gave up 50 points for the second time this season.

All signs point to Hartline hauling in about 80 yards through the air and likely finding the end zone for the second time this season.

The Guy I Do Not Like: Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers

So last week Colin Kaepernick threw four TDs in Gillette Stadium and in many ways outplayed Tom Brady. Well wipe that game away from your memory banks because this week young Colin faces the third ranked pass defense of the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle certainly boasts a great secondary but more importantly they are undefeated at home (6 – 0) and their 12th man probably gives them the greatest home field advantage in the NFL.

Kaepernick has had his ups and downs against division foes this season (see both Rams games) and I think he’ll be up against it when the 49ers visit the Seahawks on Sunday. Look for Kap to toss a couple of INTs, throw for one 1 TD, run for another and have just under 230 yards passing.

Week 16 Power Poll

Frank ranks all 32 teams heading into Week 16.
1Broncos11 - 3How can team that's won 9 straight games not be number one? The Broncos have the two things Peyton always seemed to lack in Indy: a solid running game and a really good defense.
249ers10 - 4 - 1Well so far the Colin Kaepernick experiment is going amazingly well and it's clear now that the 49ers coaching may have
wanted to switch QBs earlier in the season but Alex Smith's concussion was the perfect storm for the switch.
3Patriots10 - 4They almost pulled off a miracle comeback after being
down by 28. But it's crazy how a team that hung 40 on the Texans a week earlier could be so out sync a week later. Hubris, much?
4Falcons12 - 2Well they spanked the Giants up and down the field on
Sunday. Now Atlanta's next proving ground will be opening the GA dome in January with a win in the divisional playoff round.
5Texans12 - 2So a week after getting their doors blown off they
handled the Colts to capture the AFC South title. Now just one more ensures all foes will have to travel through Reliant Stadium.
6Packers10 - 4Right now the Packers own the Bears. Largely because
Jay Cutler loves throwing the ball to the other team. Of course Aaron Rodgers is making another case for MVP which is quite impressive
considering the field.
7Seahawks9 - 5,Right now the Seahawks are the scariest team heading
into the NFL playoffs. Big league defense, running game, and a QB whose getting exponentially better each week.
8Redskins8 - 6Remember when the Redskins were 3 - 6 and Mike Shanahan
was having to back pedal from comments that indicated he thought the
season was over? Score one for reverse psychology.
9Cowboys8 - 6The Cowboys have played a lot of close games this year.
And I think it's going to benefit them heading into the seasons final 2 weeks.
10Colts9 - 5They are playing with house money at this point. How far
can Luck take them? Pun intended.
11Ravens9 - 5Even the Ravens clinched a playoff spot last week (
Steeler loss) they are in somewhat of a free fall. But I guess limping into the playoffs is better than not getting there at all.
12Giants8 - 6,Right now the Giants are teetering over the proverbial
playoff cliff. This weeks game against the Ravens is their biggest since Super Bowl XLVI.
13Bengals8 - 6Give the Bengals credit they've righted the ship after
4 straight losses had them at 3 - 5. With a win over the Steelers this week they could punch their 2nd straight postseason ticket.
14Vikings8 - 6Vikings,8-6,Adrian Peterson continues to defy logic by running
against defenses who know he's going to get the ball yet he is still
gashing them for big yards. Too bad for the Vikings that they don't have more of a threat in the passing because the Texans will throw the kitchen sink at AP this week.
15Bears8 - 6It's getting ugly in Chicago Brandon Marshall is on the
verge of self destruction and all of a sudden the defense can't create turnovers.
16Steelers7 - 7Big Ben hates Todd Haley but it seems like Todd Haley
is just a hate able guy at times. The real question is what happened
to vaunted Steeler defense? It looks really ordinary right now. Paging Dick Lebeau.
17Saints6 - 8Drew Brees and the Saints can still score with the best of them. No surprise they hung 40 on the Bucs last week.
18Dolphins6 - 8They're still mathematically alive for the playoffs with just 2 games left. That sounds like progress to me.
19Panthers5 - 9The last 2 weeks Carolina has been playing like the team we thought we might see heading into 2012.
20Buccaneers6 - 8Josh Freeman showed he has franchise QB potential and Doug Martin gives them a RB that they can count on going forward. Score one for new head coach Greg Schiano.
21Browns5 - 9I won't comment on how their defense cost me a trip to the fantasy championship in my league but I think it's time to rethink the whole Brandon Weeden in the NFL as a starting QB thing.
22Rams6 - 7 - 1That tie against San Fran in Week 10 looms large as the Rams cling to their playoff lives.
23Jets6 - 8Put Sanchez and Tebow out their misery already. The Jets offense has about as much pop as a week old 2 Liter.
24Lions4 - 10The Lions fall from grace is a great illustration of why 40% of the playoff field changes each year. Win 10 games one year, lose 10 the next.
25Titans5 - 9Was that CJ2K on MNF? See when people are playing well you use acronyms. It just sounds cooler.
26Chargers5 - 9At this point it's punishment for Norv to have to coach the final two games.
27Eagles4 - 10The Andy Reid era is coming to an end but I don't know that the Nick Foles era might not be heading towards the same fate after Thursday night's performance against the Bengals.
28Bills5 - 9Remember when Mario Williams was supposed to be part of a great Bills defense? Good, I thought I was the only one.
29Cardinals5 - 9Snapped their 9 game losing streak. Good for them.
30Jaguars2 - 12Now you see why Chad Henne was backing up Blaine Gabbert.
31Raiders4 - 10Maybe Carson Palmer should have stayed retired.
32Chiefs2 - 12Tragedy not withstanding, this season has taught us that there is serious lack of talent at the QB position in Kansas City.

In Brady We Trust – 5 Things About Week 15 in the NFL

  • Brady is still Brady
    • For the second straight week Brady put up strong fantasy numbers. Of course, this shouldn’t be a huge surprise but Brady has been a constant the last 2 weeks when other QB options (Manning Brothers, Brees) have been hot and cold during this crucial point in the season. If you had the kudos to draft Brady in the 1st round you are likely reaping the benefits now in the fantasy playoffs.
  • Wilson disappoints in debut as a starter
    • After looking like one of the hottest pick ups off of waivers heading into Week 15 David Wilson did not do much against the Falcons in his first start. Wilson finished with 55 yards rushing (the majority of which came on one 25 yard carry) and netting 11 yards receiving. That’s only six points in standard scoring leagues and not enough to justify Wilson in your line up if Ahmad Bradshaw returns as expected this week.
  • Brown Out
    • So the Browns defense had been quite the hot match up fantasy defense in a lot of fantasy leagues. Well they were cooled off by the Redskins and backup Kirk Cousin who dropped 38 points on the recently surging Browns. You might as well drop the Browns heading into next week since a trip to Denver is not what the doctor ordered.
  • King of the Tannehill
    • Ryan Tannehill had a huge day against the Jaguars. Certainly his 3 TDs would have been starter worthy but chances are he was on your bench if you had him at all. Bottom line, if you play in a dynasty league Tannehill could have long term potential but leave him on waivers in single season formats.
  • Jim Caldwell is the new Cam Cameron
    • So what the heck is wrong with the Ravens offense? Cam Cameron was handed his walking papers a week ago but it looks like he snuck back into Ravens Stadium to call plays on Sunday. Ray Rice was under utilized and Torrey Smith was still missing in action. Going forward into a week 16 match up with the Giants offers the Ravens skill position players some hope, but with the exception of Ray Rice none of them should be a lock if you have better options on your bench.