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Blaine Gabbert

Frank says: ‘Stick With Gabbert

Let’s be honest. Blaine Gabbert’s first couple of seasons have left all dynasty fantasy football owners wanting more. Heading into 2013 the biggest concern for Blaine Gabbert isn’t his injury history or lack of production but his third offensive system in 3 years. Mike Mularkey’s one year stint in Jacksonville didn’t provide the remedy for the Jags ailing offense or turn Gabbert into a promising young QB of the future.

Gus Bradley will be the head coach of Jaguars in 2013 and likely he will bring in another option to compete with Gabbert. But take heart fantasy football owners, the third season could be the charm for the 23 year old Gabbert. Looking at the stats below won’t allow you to confuse Gabbert with a top notch fantasy QB but look at a couple of key stats. Notice Gabberts completion percentage went up 8% in 2012 to 58.3%. His YPA is only a paltry 6 but keep in mind MJD missed xx games and Justin Blackmon was just learning the WR position in 2012. So his YPA should increase dramatically in 2013.

Blaine Gabbert's 2011-2012 Season Stats

Gabbert is still only 23 years old going into his 3rd season.

Below is a table Eli Mannings first 2 years at QB. This a good comparison because both QBs appeared in 25 games in their first two seasons. Manning has more tds but their td to int ratios are similar as are their completion percentages.

Eli Manning Stats (2004, 2005)

Eli Manning struggled during his first 2 NFL Seasons.

Am I saying Blaine Gabbert is going to turn into Eli Manning in 2013? Not at all, I’m just pointing out that despite a rocky start he is young and has decent weapons around him. Bottom line dynasty owners Gabbert is still a decent #2 fantasy option in 2013 with room to grow if he can find continuity on the offensive side of the ball.

Evan says: ‘Cut Blaine Now’

The NFL is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately kind of business. Just look at the long list of players who have been key parts of their teams for many years who have been cut since the Ravens beat the 49ers in the Superdome a few weeks ago. This tumultuous nature of the league eats players like Blaine Gabbert alive which makes the thought of holding on to the young signal caller a bad move when building your dynasty league fantasy football (keeper) team. Now, do not get me wrong, I do not think Blaine Gabbert is a bad guy or even an awful football player.

He is only 23 years old, came out of college a little too raw to play at a high level immediately and was handed the keys to an inept Jacksonville Jaguars offense (apologies to MJD) before he was ready for the bright lights. As this story points out, Gabbert might be down to his last chance at impressing the lowly Jaguars in 2013. Now granted, Gabbert looked better in 2012 prior to getting hurt, although 9 TD throws in 10 games is not going to get many fantasy owners excited.

The problem lies in the fact that over the past 5 years or so guys like Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Joe Flacco, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, and Andy Dalton, have looked to exterminate the idea that quarterbacks need time to grow into the role of franchise quarterback. If Gabbert does not wow the Jags this year, he might never get an opportunity to be a starter again. I do not know about you, but keeping a guy who seems destined to hold a clipboard does not classify as I guy I want wasting a roster spot.

Chief Concern? 2 Guys talk about Alex Smith, the NFL Combine & the fantasy future of Blaine Gabbert


2 Guys start off the show by examining the potential trade of Alex Smith to Kansas City and what impact it will have in 2013.

Frank and Evan also talk about some of the NFL Combine’s top performers and whether they will make an impact in fantasy football next season.

Lastly, 2 Guys look at 3rd year QB Blaine Gabbert and examine whether or not he has a bright future in fantasy football.

Free Release: 2 Guys talk about high profile cuts, dynasty fantasy football, and the 2013 NFL Draft


Two guys are back on the grind after a week off and have their sights set on gems in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Frank and Evan start off by talking about the high profile players who were released in the past 2 weeks and if any was a surprise.

When previewing the 2013 draft 2 Guys examine whether or not any of the rookies coming into the league can make a big fantasy impact next season.

Lastly, 2 Guys talk about which 2nd year players are poised for a breakout in 2013 as well as which players you should target if you are playing in dynasty fantasy football leagues.

Lights Out: 2 Guys talk Beyonce, Super Bowl darkness, and what to look for in 2013


Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens winners of Super Bowl XLVII!

Frank and Evan talk about the Ravens win, Beyonce’s halftime performance and the power outage in the second half of Sunday’s game.

Lastly, 2 Guys talk about what to watch for in the 2013 season and discuss the fallacy of trying to predict Super Bowl winners at the beginning of a season.

Not Another Boring Super Bowl Recap

Flacco smith jones

If you’re looking for a Super Bowl Recap you won’t find it here. This serves as recap for some of the more interesting storylines that took place during the 2012 season as well as things to look forward to in 2013.

  • Kickoffs should Stay
    • Jacoby Jones 108 yard KO return to start the second half of Super Bowl XLVII is a great example of why kickoffs should remain part of the NFL. Sure, there is potential for injury on kickoff returns but the NFL needs to keep one of the most exciting scoring plays as part of the game.

  • Inside the Pocket
    • Despite the obsession with the zone read or read option the SuperBowl was once again won by a QB considered to lack mobility. Joe Flacco is now one of 7 active QBs in the NFL who have won a SuperBowl. Maybe the new wave of mobile QBs will start producing titles, but right now playing from the pocket is the way to win a title.
  • Replacement Refs
    • Well that experiment just proved how much we missed the regular officials. After the controversial call on the MNF game against the Seahawks and Packers the replacement refs were replaced. In the end, I don’t think it terribly affected the outcome of the season but served notice to the NFL they cannot go into a season without battle tested officials.
  • Adrian Peterson is a Beast
    • With a capital B. His recovery from offseason ACL/MCL was nothing short of remarkable and his performance during the season was legendary. His well deserved MVP season will tough to top in 2013 but if anyone could do it would be Mr. Peterson.
  • RG3 better learn how to slide
    • Out of the current crop of current young mobile QBs (Cam, RG3, Wilson, Kaepernick, Luck) RG3 has taken the most hits out of the whole bunch. His track and field background may give him world class speed, but his upright running style makes him susceptible to big hits. If Griffin III doesn’t develop better peripheral version and learn how to slide his career could be ended prematurely.
  • Say no to 18
    • As much as I love the NFL, 18 games would be insanity. Yes, I know the talk of adding extra games has been very quiet recently due to player safety concerns but the NFL is just biding its time on this one. I maybe a bit of a conspiracy theorist on this but I think the NFL would remove the kickoff and put lineman in a 2pt stance if they thought
      they could mitigate the player safety concerns with extra revenue games.
  • Carolina is next year’s Seattle
    • Carolina finished strong at the end of 2012 winning the last four games and saving Ron Rivera’s job in the process. Cam had an up and down sophomore campaign but finished strong and showed the potential of a franchise QB in the process. Look out for the Panthers in 2013. You heard it here first.
  • Peyton Manning is a mediocre playoff QB
    • His 9 – 11 record not withstanding Peyton doesnt pass the eye test as a great playoff QB. Even in his championship season (2006) Peyton was not stellar and while he was outstanding in the 2nd half of the AFC title game against the Pats his best games have not historically happened in January. Don’t get me wrong Peyton is one the great QBs of all time but the postseason hasn’t been kind to the future hall of famer.
  • San Diego’s window is now closed
    • The Chargers championship was probably closed a couple seasons ago in reality but Ray Rice’s 4th and 29 conversion against them was just a microcosm of this teams miserable season. Philip Rivers looks average without an elite cast of players around him, which truth be told was probably always the case, but it wasn’t noticeable until the lack of talent in the receiving corps and the backfield was so apparent this season. Good luck righting this sinking ship, Mike McCoy.
  • Here’s the catch
    • Can someone please tell me what a catch is. In my mind Harry Douglas did not catch this pass against the 49ers in the NFC Championship, yet it was ruled a catch. On the other hand the original belle of the ball Calvin Johnson clearly makes this catch, yet it is overturned. Stop this nonsense about the ground, control, and movement. Use common sense: if the ball hits touches ground before a player has possession it’s not a catch and if a player catches the ball and demonstrates a football move before going to the ground it’s a catch no matter what happens to the ball after wards. Just my thoughts, anyway.