The End of RG3? – 2 Guys talk about QB situations in 2013 and the price of paying for potential

Baltimore Ravens  v Washington Redskins

The NFL offseason has slowed down since the start of free agency a couple of weeks ago but 2 Guys are still following the hottest stories.

Frank and Evan and look at some intriguing QB situations heading into 2013 and why GMs are paying for potential over proven productions.

Lastly, Frank criticizes the Redskins handling of RG3’s recovery and compares final four picks with Evan.

Look Ma, No Helmet! 2 Guys talk about bad rule changes, remaining free agents, and franchise QBs


The second week of Free Agency has slowed down quite a bit but 2 Guys examine impact players who remain unsigned.

Evan in particular looks at free agents Ahmad Bradshaw and Fred Davis to see if they can overcome their injury woes to make an impact in 2013.

Frank and Evan also discuss the proposed new Running Back lowering their helmet rule and how bad of an idea it is.

Lastly, Frank goes on a tirade about how QBs should be drafted in the 1st round if they do not grade out as franchise caliber.

Keep it 100 – 2 Guys celebrate their 100th episode, and the wild start to NFL Free Agency


This week marks 2 Guys 100th episode. To celebrate Frank and Evan dive right in to the free agent frenzy that started early this week.

2 Guys weigh on both the Percy Harvin and Anquan Boldin trades and how it will affect the fantasy land scape in 2013.

Frank and Evan also discuss the signings of Jared Cook, Delanie Walker, and Mike Wallace and if the change of scenery will lead to greater fantasy production.

Lastly, 2 Guys thank the fans for being part of the journey to 100 episodes and talk about the vision for the next 100 episodes and beyond.

Profile: Alex Smith


Frank says: ‘Alex Smith isn’t worth your time’

The table below tells the whole story.

Alex Smith Statistics (2005 - 2012)

Alex Smith an elite fantasy QB, not so much.

Alex Smith entering his 9th NFL season has never thrown for more than 3144 yards. The Alex Smith backers (are there any?) will say he was having a great season before he got pulled for the boy wonder we now know as Colin Kaepernick.

However, even while Smith’s YPA was at it’s highest in the last 2 seasons under Jim Harbaugh it’s not as if he became more prolific in throwing passing touchdowns. Even in what was considered his peak seasons under Harbaugh in 2011 and 2012 Alex Smith could only manage to throw 30 touchdowns in 26 games played. Most good fantasy QBs can do that in that a season. As a contrast Colin Kaepernick scored 15 tds in his 7 starts (10 passing, 5 rushing).

His completion percentages were impressive as he completed a career high 70% of his passes in 2012 but there is nothing on his resume that says a move to Kansas City will turn him into a more productive fantasy QB. Sure, Andy Reid loves to throw it around but you’ve got to be kidding yourself if you think a move to a mediocre team like Kansas City can turn what has been a mediocre QB into a legitimate fantasy option.

There are better options out there. Consider Smith as a back up only for 2013 dynasty fantasy football leagues and likely the rest of his career.

Evan says: ‘Alex Smith is still a viable fantasy option’

For a guy who as of 2 years ago could not be called anything other than a bust, there has been a lot of talk about Alex Smith over the past 2 seasons. Whether it was his label as a game manager, his play that nearly led the 49ers to last year’s Super Bowl, or his benching midway through the 2013 season while he was the top-rated passer in the league, Smith has been surrounded by juicy story lines. With his recent trade to the Kansas City Chiefs, the 28 year-old Smith will be getting a fresh start in 2013 with a chance to one again lead a team as a starting quarterback. But does this move to Kansas City make Alex Smith a guy who you want on your keeper league roster? It most certainly does.

In Kansas City, Smith will have the chance to team with Andy Reid, a coach that likes to move the ball through the passing game. Quarterbacks in Andy Reid’s offense last season attempted nearly 39 passes per game while averaging close to 255 yards per game. Alex Smith only averaged 24.1 passing attempts per game last season as a starter and completed more than 70% of his throws. With nearly 15 more passing attempts expected from the accurate Smith on a game-to-game basis, there should be little doubt that his stats should look very impressive leading the Chiefs offensive attack- especially if he is able to average 8 yards a throw like he did in 2012.

Additionally, the resigning of Dwayne Bowe and Brandon Albert, means that Smith will have solid blindside protection and a viable number one receiving threat to work with, something he did not always have while in San Francisco. With their favorable draft position due to their lack of success in 2012, the Chiefs should be able to add more pieces to complement Alex Smith’s abilities. While he is no Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees, you could be in a lot worse shape than having Alex Smith as your keeper league quarterback. Do not be the guy to drop him and let someone else reap the benefits over the next 4-5 years.

2 Guys talk potential Free Agent landing spots, fast 40 times, and March Madness


It’s the week before free agency and 2 Guys delve into who will be the most sought after players during this exciting period of the offseason.

Two Guys look at RBs (Steven Jackson, Ahmad Bradshaw) and TEs (Jared Cook, Delanie Walker, Martellus Bennett) and try to project if any mid level players will make a big fantasy impact in 2013.

Frank and Evan also discuss the idea that ideal situations play just just as a big a role in fantasy production as a player’s talent.

Lastly, 2 guys talk about fast 40 times and how wide open the NCAA Tourney is.