Top 20 Rookies in Fantasy Football for the 2013 Season


Top 20 Fantasy Football Rookies for 2013

The draft is barely in the rear view but it's not too soon to look at which first year players will make the biggest impact in 2013.
Tayvon AustinWRRamsShould be able to make big plays on the turf in St. Louis. And any other surface for that matter.
Eddie LacyRBPackersHe won't be the focal point but there will be plenty of lanes for him to run through as teams try to stop Aaron Rodgers.
Cordarrelle PattersonWRVikingsHe should see a lot of single coverage as teams focus on Greg Jennings.
Keenan AllenWRChargersPhilip Rivers is hoping Allen can replace the production of the departed Vincent Jackson. He has the tools to do so.
Tyler EifertTEBengalsShould form a productive TE tandem with Gresham and make Andy Dalton a happy QB.
DeAndre HopkinsWRTexansWill be a threat from day 1 opposite Andre Johnson.
Giovanni BernardRBBengalsHis quickness should let him make big plays out the Bengals backfield in both the running and passing game.
Marcus LattimoreRB49ersLikely not to play in 2013 due to injury but he still has 1st round value in keeper leagues.
Montee BallRBBroncosNot the most explosive back but with Peyton Manning under center he will have a chance to make plays in both phases of the game.
Andre EllingtonRBCardinalsExplosive back with good hands should have plenty of opportunities to boast an anemic Cardinals offense.
Joseph RandleRBCowboysIf Murray can't stay a healthy (pretty much a given) Randle could end up being the beneficiary in the Cowboys backfield.
Zac ErtzTEEaglesErtz has solid hands and should a productive player in Chip Kelly's new wide open offense.
Terrence WilliamsWRCowboysHas the skills and size to be a great red zone target and be a solid #3 option in the Cowboys offensive attack.
Quinton PattonWR49ersThe receiving corp looks crowded out by the Bay but keep an eye on Patton he has the talent to be a factor if injuries arise.
Justin HunterWRTitansHas had some injury issues but possesses the size and hands to make big plays down the field.
Robert WoodsWRBillsShould get some quality looks opposite Stevie Johnson. Question mark here is who is going to get him the football? Kevin Kolb?
Johnathan FranklinRBPackersThe Packers may have drafted Eddie Lacy in the 2nd round but Franklin has the skills to be an every down back.
Jawan JamisonRBRedskinsYou never know with a Redskins RB. Stay tuned.
Jordan ReedTERedskinsHas good ability and versatility and could be a big factor if Fred Davis struggles to stay healthy.
Dustin HopkinsKBillsKicker with a powerful leg who could soon supplant Rian Lindell.

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Profile: MJD


Evan says: ‘Ride MJD to Glory’

I cannot believe we even have to debate it, of course you want Maurice Jones-Drew as a part of your keeper league fantasy team. 2012 was a frustrating year for Maurice Jones-Drew. He struggled to get a contract he felt was suitable from the Jacksonville Jaguars and then suffered several injuries that kept him from contributing to the Jags success on the field. 2013 presents a chance for one of the best running backs in the game to again put his mark on fantasy leagues everywhere. Jones-Drew should enter the season healthy and refreshed, after carrying the ball only 86 times last season.

Jones-Drew will enter the season at 28 years of age, an age where many running backs start to decline. There is no reason to expect Jones-Drew to suffer the same fate as many of his predecessors when he has been used so sparingly over his 7 years in the league. In only 3 of his 7 seasons in the NFL has Jones-Drew carried the ball more than 200 times. At the same time, in the 3 years in which he has been the feature back (which he figures to be in 2013 when his new coach Gus Bradley says things like this), Jones-Drew has averaged more than 1700 total yards and 10 TDs a season. While the Jaguars do not look to be all that competitive over the next few seasons, Jones-Drew continues to provide reasons for his teammates to want to support him- support that should help Jones-Drew put up great numbers over the next few seasons.

If you have Jones-Drew, keep him. If an owner in your league no longer wants him, get him on your roster and enjoy the results.

Frank says: ‘Send Pocket Hercules Packing’

Pocket Hercules is such a catchy nickname. It fits MJD and his compact, yet powerful running style perfectly. Prior to last season MJD had been virtually injury free but there is something to consider. Prior to MJD missing 10 games in 2012 with a foot injury he had only 3 games in 6 prior seasons.

While it seems like his 2012 injury could be fluke, when you couple that with his career high in rushing attempts the previous year (343 carries in 2011), I see the beginning of a very dangerous pattern starting to form. MJD has amassed 1570 carries so far in his career and is surging towards the 2000 carry mark which doesn’t bode well for running backs.

Look at Marshall Faulk’s chart below to see his drop in production after he passed the 2000 carry mark.

Marshall Faulk (2002 - 2005)

Faulk's rushing totals after his 2,155th carry.
GamesRushing AttRushing YdsRushing Y/ARushing Y/G

Same thing for Ladainian Tomlinson. Look at the production drop off after he surpassed 2000 rushing attempts.

Ladainian Tomlinson (2007 - 2011)

Ladainian Tomlinson's production after his 2,050th carry.
GamesRushing AttRushing YdsRushing Y/AY/G

The main thing to take from all this is MJD likely has one or two great seasons left in the tank but it’s clear he seen more good years than he has left.

Bottom line, if you have a MJD in your dynasty fantasy football league and your team is a sure title contender you may want to hold on to him for this season but if you are rebuilding your team MJD is likely to be more nothing more than dead weight by the time you are ready to compete for league supremacy.

Whatever your situation , MJD should be able to fetch a haul of young players and draft picks put him on the trading block and see what comes back.