Week 13 Game Picks

Frank picks against the spread for Week 13.
Lions(-7) over Packers
Lions can take control of the NFC North with a victory on Thanksgiving.
Panthers over Buccaneers(+8)
Bucs are playing better but the Panthers are on a major roll.
Seahawks over Saints(+6)
The winner will likely control the NFC road the Super Bowl.
Cardinals(+3) over Eagles
East Coast trips are always tough for West Coast teams but the Cardinals defense packs a punch.
Last Week: 2 - 1 - 1 (1 - 3 vs spread)
Season: 24 - 19 - 1 (16 - 27 - 1 vs spread)

2 Guys give thanks for great fantasy players heading into Week 13 and call out all the Turkeys as well


Week 13 is here and for a lot of fantasy leagues this is the last week of regular season action.

With playoff berths and positioning on the line 2 guys explore which, if any players can make an impact from waivers.

Evan like Matt Stafford and Percy Harvin to be big in Week 13 and Frank likes Brandon Bolden to make an impact also.

Lastly, 2 Guys discuss the merit of playing waiver wire pick ups versus players already on your roster.

2 Guys Fantasy – 2 Guys 2 Watch: Week 13

hakeem nicks

Frank’s Week 13 Spotlight

The Guy I Like: Joseph Fauria, Detroit Lions

Call me crazy for liking a guy who only has 11 total catches all season, but he does have 6 touchdowns to his credit. Last week Fauria only had one catch and, yes it was for a touchdown. This week the Lions will be playing host to the Packers in their usual Thanksgiving day slot and I like Fauria to take full advantage of the Packers secondary in the red zone. He may only have 2 catches, but one of them will be for a touchdown. Call it 30 yards receiving and a touchdown.

The Guy I Do Not Like: Tony Gonzalez, Atlanta Falcons

The season is in complete free fall for the Atlanta Faclons. Their offense is a shell of what it once was and the offensive line is struggling to protect Matt Ryan. Bad news tends to roll downhill and the recipient of said news happens to be Tony Gonzalez. This week the Buffalo Bills will make sure to pull out all the stops to slow down Matt Ryan’s favorite target. Couple that with the fact that Gonzalez is nursing a nagging toe injury and his production will be limited. I wouldn’t expect more than 50 yards receiving from Gonzalez and he won’t find the end zone either.

The Other Guy I Like: Brandon Bolden, New England

Stevan Ridley looks like he’s fumbled his way out of the starting running back job and Legarrette Blount (goal line) and Shane Vereen (3rd down) are both situational players. So that leaves Brandon Bolden as the the only viable every down threat the Patriots have at running back. This week Bolden will get his chance to shine against a Texans defense that has fallen far from glory and appears to have lost it’s way and collective will. Bolden will likely be a hot waivers claim this week but if you are fortunate enough to snag him make sure he’s in your line up this week. Look for no less than 80 yards rushing and at least one touchdown on the ground.

The Other Guy I Do Not Like: Hakeem Nicks, New York Giants

Hakeem Nicks has been a colossal disappointment this season. The lack of touchdowns (zero so far), and drops (too many to count), and his recent DNP against the Cowboys has all signs pointing to No when it comes to the 4th year wideout. This week the Giants season is all but over but Nicks would do well to show up and have a couple of solid performances before he hits free agency at seasons end. With all that logic in mind there is nothing to the contrary that says Nicks will turn it on this week (if he plays). Stay away from Nicks in most formats as his production will continue to disappoint. Nicks will total less than 60 yards recieving and be held out of the end zone again.

Running out of Luck? – Plus 5 Things to know about Fantasy Football heading into Week 13

Miami Dolphins v Indianapolis Colts
  • Peyton’s Place?
    • Peyton Manning has been an amazing fantasy performer all year but the cold weather performances are the elephant in the corner of the room. Combined with the high ankle sprain Peyton Manning appears to be struggling with his down the field passing in recent weeks. The truth is if you’ve got Peyton there are no substitutes for him at this point but you’ve got to hope he holds up for the fantasy playoffs in Weeks 14 – 16.
  • Tampa Too
    • Don’t look now but Tampa Bay is one of the hottest teams in football. After losing their first 8 games the Buccaneers are resembling a formidable NFL team in the last 3 weeks. Mike Glennon is leading the way and so is an improved defense. If you are looking for late season acquisitions perhaps Tampa Bay’s defense is worth a look in deeper leagues as is Mike Glennon.
  • Percy Time
    • Percy Harvin will be revved up and ready to go against the Saints on Monday Night Football this week. There is no need to have him on your bench at this point in the season. If you picked him up play him and reap the benefits of one of the most explosive players in the NFL.
  • Cameron Down
    • The bloom is off of the rose for Jordan Cameron. After a scintillating start to the season Cameron has been mired in relative mediocrity for the past 5 weeks. At this point you have to assume the trend will continue and you need to look elsewhere for production as the fantasy playoffs approach.
  • No Luck
    • Indy’s second year signal caller has fallen on hard times in the past couple of weeks from a production stand point. However, now is not the time to give up on Luck. The offensive line struggled to block for him against the Cardinals and Rams in the last few weeks and that has had a direct effect on his productivity. Look for Luck to have a strong bounce back game against the Titans in Week 13.

Week 12 Game Picks

Frank picks against the spread for Week 12.
Packers(-5) over Vikings
Packers need this victory to stay in the NFC playoff race.
Chiefs(-5.5) over Chargers
Chiefs will rebound in a big way at home against the Chargers.
Ravens over Jets(+3.5)
Baltimore eeks out a victory in the Rex Ryan reunion bowl.
Cardinals(-2.5) over Colts
The Cardinals are better than you think.
Last Week: 3 - 1 (2 - 2 vs spread)
Season: 22 - 18 (15 - 24 - 1 vs spread)

2 Guys Fantasy – 2 Guys 2 Watch: Week 12


Frank’s Week 12 Spotlight

The Guy I Like: Brandon Lafell, Carolina Panthers

Brandon Lafell hasn’t exactly been a show stopper this season. His touchdown on Monday Night against the Patriots marked the first time since Week 6 (against the Vikings) that he found the end zone. So why am I so bullish on Lafell this week? I wish I could tell you, but I think after playing well in a big game Cam will be looking for him early and often against the Dolphins. With Steve Smith likely getting double teamed I like Lafell to get loose for around 80 yards and a score before it’s all said and done in South Beach.

The Guy I Do Not Like: Jordan Cameron, Cleveland Browns

Jordan Cameron was the belle of the ball early in the season. Through 7 weeks Cameron had 6 touchdowns and had emerged as the go to receiver on the Browns. Now in the new Jason Campbell lead offense Cameron appears as more of an after thought than a primary target like he was when Hoyer or Weeden were under center. Let’s not entirely blame Campbell for Cameron’s fantasy demise, his early season production has made him a primary concern for defensive coordinators, so he is likely seeing more coverage rolled his way. Bottom line, I don’t like this match up for Cameron. I think the Steelers hold Cameron under 50 yards receiving and keep him out of the end zone as well.

Jordan Rules? – 2 Guys talk about Jordan Cameron’s disappearing act, Bobby Rainey’s emergence, and everything else you need to know heading into Week 12


Week 12 is here and the fantasy playoffs are almost upon us.

2 Guys talk about the recent struggles of Jordan Cameron and if the can rebound down the stretch to make an impact.

Evan weighs in on whether or not Bobby Rainey can continue his recent success against Detroit this week.

Frank explores the situation in Denver’s backfield and discusses whether Montee Ball is in line to steal valuable reps from Knowshon Moreno.

Lastly, 2 Guys look at how to make the most of your fantasy roster as the fantasy playoffs approach.

Make It Rainey – 5 Things You Need To Know Heading Into Week 12 of Fantasy Football

  • Do the Ricky Bobby
    • Just add Bobby Rainey to the list of unknown players making a late season fantasy impact. Rainey who was likely unclaimed last week will probably be the most requested player on waivers heading into Week 12. If you happen to get him from waivers make sure to play him against the Lions in Week 12.
  • Something about McGloin
    • Matt McGloin surprised the fantasy world with three passing touchdowns and no interceptions in his first career start. McGloin didn’t crack 200 (197) yards passing but he made some throws that would have you believe he belongs in the NFL. Don’t get carried away and make him your starter this season, but pick him up and stash him if you play in keeper leagues.
  • Full Montee
    • Montee Ball had Knowshon Moreno owners livid after vulturing 2 short rushing touchdowns away from Moreno. What’s more important is that Ball wasn’t just a short yardage back but he was also a factor in the passing game playing in sets that Moreno normally plays in. What does it mean? The arrow is up for Ball owners and down a bit for Moreno owners. If you have Moreno continue to play him but now it is reasonable to play Ball in your FLEX option if your line up dictates that scenario.
  • Donald runs Indy
    • So much for the Trent Richardson trade, right? Since the trade of Richardson to the Colts, Donald Brown has clearly emerged as the better back, and appears to have won the job for the foreseeable future (rest of the season). Brown’s strong running and 2 touchdown performance against the Titans on Thursday prove he is the most productive RB Indy currently has on their roster.
  • Giants D – Strong Play
    • That would have seemed like an oxy-moron a month ago but the Giants defense have quietly starting playing like on of the best defenses in the NFL. Some of that can be linked to the recent resurgence of Justin Tuck and Jason Pierre-Paul, but my difference maker award goes to ex-Panther Jon Beason. Since Beason’s arrival the Giants defense seems to have a penchant for creating turnovers and limiting opponents points per game. If the Giants D is on waivers make a claim for it. Other defenses to consider are Tampa Bay and the Buffalo Bills depending on match ups.

Week 11 Game Picks

darren sproles
Frank picks against the spread for Week 11.
Seahawks(-12.5) over Vikings
I think Percy Harvin is going to have a big impact against his former team.
Saints(-3.5) over 49ers
The Saints are dominant at home and the 49ers are struggling offensively. That's a recipe for a lopsided affair in the Big Easy.
Chiefs(+7.5) over Broncos
I think the Chiefs get to Peyton early and often and turn the game into a slugfest.
Panthers(-1.5) over Patriots
Cam vs Brady. Edge Brady. Carolina D v New England D. Edge Carolina. Panthers by a nose (or paw).
Last Week: 3 - 1 (2 - 2 vs spread)
Season: 19 - 17 (13 - 22 - 1 vs spread)

2 Guys Fantasy – 2 Guys 2 Watch: Week 11

Frank’s Week 11 Spotlight

The Guy I Like: Jerricho Cotchery, Pittsburgh Steelers

Jerricho Cotchery has been on a real hot streak lately. His four touchdown grabs in the last 2 games have put him on the fantasy map as a late season waiver wire pickup. This week I believe the streak continues at home against the Detroit Lions. Cotchery has earned Big Ben’s trust and I think Cotchery will be targeted at least 8 times and have close to 70 yards receiving as well as a trip to the end zone.

The Guy I Do Not Like: Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. It’s been all downhill for Kaepernick after his huge Week 1 showing against the Green Bay Packers. Kaepernick has struggled to connect with his receivers but some of that is not his fault considering that Vernon Davis has been battling to stay on the field all season, Crabtree has yet to return from an achilles injury, and Manningham just returned from injury. But, regardless of the injuries to the receiving corps Kaepernick doesn’t appear to be the same confident phenom he was when he hit the scene at the same time last season. All of this has the makings of a sophomore slump and a visit to the Superdome to face the Saints is not what the doctor ordered.

I see Rob Ryan’s pressure packages geting to Kaepernick and holding him under 200 yards passing and under 50 yards rushing. Kaepernick might toss a touchdown but I’m thinking he’ll throws at least 2 picks also.