Championship Picks

Frank picks against the spread for Championship Weekend.
Broncos(-5) over Patriots
Brady-Manning XV should be an epic battle. For my money Brady has been the better QB in the postseason while Peyton has the clear regular season edge. Without Gronk on the field I just don't think the Pats can score enough. This round goes to Peyton. Omaha!
Seahawks over 49ers(+3.5)
Sheesh. My head is telling me the 49ers are the better team coming in, but I am sentimental and I like the whole 12th man thing Seattle has going. Percy Harvin is out for the Hawks but it's not like their success on offense has depending on him this season.
Colin Kaepernick has played terribly in Seattle his previous two outings but I think he finds his footing this time around. The 49ers defense is also ferocious. Sounds like I am leaning toward the 49ers after that last statement but I am gonna stick with Russell Wilson and the Seahawks at home. They have an X factor that's hard to quantify and I think it's just enough to give them the edge in this heavyweight bout sure to be an instant classic.
Last Week: 4 - 4 (1 - 3 ) vs spread)
2013 Playoffs: 4 - 4 (3 - 3 - 2) vs spread)
2013 Season: 38 - 25 - 1 (28 - 34 - 2 vs spread)

Divisional Game Picks

Frank picks against the spread for the Divisional Round.
Seahawks over Saints(+9.5)
Should be a lot closer than the last meeting in Week 13 but a rested Seattle Defense will cause headaches for Drew Brees.
Colts(+7) over Patriots
Picking against Brady at home in playoff games doesn't seem like the smartest thing in the world but I am feeling a little Luck'y' on this one.
Panthers(+1.5) over 49ers
Cam's first playoff game comes against a red hot 49ers defense but the Panthers defense is just as stout on the other side. Panthers by a paw.
Broncos(-8.5) over Chargers
The Chargers have given the Broncos some issues in the regular season but I see the Denver offense giving the Chargers defense fits in this one.
Last Week: 2 - 2 (2 - 0 - 2) vs spread)
2013 Playoffs: 2 - 2 (2 - 0 - 2) vs spread)
2013 Season: 38 - 25 - 1 (28 - 34 - 2 vs spread)

Wild Card Game Picks

colin kaepernick
Frank picks against the spread for Wildcard Weekend.
Colts(-1) over Chiefs
It seems like a long time ago that the Chiefs were 9 - 0 and it appears Indy has regained their footing behind a resurgent offense and Andrew Luck.
Eagles over Saints(+2.5)
Saints have never won a road game and Philly hasn't exactly been a home juggernaut. What does it mean? I like the Eagles at home.
Bengals over Chargers(+7)
It's time for Andy Dalton and Marvin Lewis to get out of the first round. Your move Bengals.
49ers(-3) over Packers
Niners have beaten the Pack 3 straight times. Rodgers is back for the Pack but I think the 49ers are just a match up nightmare for the injury riddled Packers.
Last Week: 4 - 0 (3 - 1 vs spread)
2013 Season: 38 - 25 - 1 (28 - 34 - 2 vs spread)