8th Wonder – 2 Guys look ahead to Week 8

Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Philadelphia Eagles

With the fantasy season more almost half way over things are started to get interesting.

Evan gives some sobering advice about Andrew Luck and Frank reveals a sleeper at RB who is worth a roster spot.

Lastly, 2 Guys try to figure out sleepers who will emerge in the next 6 weeks.

Gimme 5! 2 Guys look for breakout performers heading into Week 5

eli manning

2 Guys returns after a 1 week hiatus but doesn’t miss a beat.

Evan is enjoying his time as a new father so fantasy vet Kevin Dimetres joins the podcast to add his insight.

Frank and Kevin look at the some of the best and worst performances from the first quarter of the season.

Kevin makes a bold recommendation about one marquee player and Frank continues to look for the worst offenses that fantasy defenses can take advantage of.