Broken Wing: You cannot pick Michael Vick in your 2012 draft

Because he takes too many big hits, Michael Vick is undraftable in 2012

It may only be the preseason but take a quick look at these scary statistics from the first 2 preseason games combined for the Philadelphia Eagles electric but frail quarterback, Michael Vick- 4 completions, 11 passing yards, and most importantly 2 x-rays on bones that could have been broken.  Even though Vick avoided a serious injury in both cases, you cannot look past the fact that at 6’0″, 215 lbs. with a heart that will not let him give up on any play, it is a huge risk to draft Michael Vick in 2012.


There is no question that when healthy, Vick possesses the ability to put up numbers that are staggering.  His numbers in 2010 (over 3000 yards passing, 21 TDs vs. only 6 INTs, with a whopping 9 rushing TDs all done in only 12 games) made Vick a highly regarded player headed into the 2011 season.  Many people had him graded higher than Tom Brady and Drew Brees.  The entire Philadelphia Eagles team failed to live up to expectations in 2011, including Vick, although that has not stopped many people from predicting a 2012 NFC East division title for Philly.  As a part of that run to a division title, the consensus is that Michael Vick would return to his 2010 form.


While there is no question that Michael Vick has the talent, arm strength, and offensive weapons to allow him to post numbers worthy of being chosen as a top 5 quarterback, there is a huge question as to how long he will stay healthy.  The Eagles offensive line continues to struggle in pass protection which was further exacerbated by the loss of 6 time Pro Bowl tackle Jason Peters.  The player the Eagles got to replace Peters, Demetress Bell, currently plays with the second unit behind King Dunlap, a 5th year player wit only 7 career starts.  Even when the line protects Vick well, he is susceptible to punishing hits outside the pocket when he tries to keep plays alive or downfield when he chooses to run.  As great as Vick can be on the field, he cannot post any fantasy from the sidelines and the fact that he has only played in all 16 games of a season once in his career make him too risky to pick for your team.


Nick Foles should see a lot of playing time in 2012

Michael Vick remains one of the most entertaining players in the entire NFL.  There will be games where he breaks a 50-yard run, connects on a few deep bombs to Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson, and even single-handedly wins a fantasy week for his fortunate owner.  The problem lies in the fact that there will also be many times where Vick is forced to watch from the sidelines as a less experienced and talented QB tries to make the most of the fantastic talent of the Philadelphia skill players.  So who is ready to draft Nick Foles?


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