First Things First: 5 Things About Week 1 in Fantasy Football

  • RG3 better than Cam?
    • Let the Cam comparisons begin. In all seriousness Robert Griffin III had a very impressive fantasy debut throwing for 300 yards and a couple of tds, but let’s hold off on giving him the rookie of the year award just yet. After week 1 Griffin has earned the right to be a fantasy starter in most leagues. If you nabbed him late in your draft and have another starter ahead of him this could the perfect time to trade RG3 and improve your team.
  • Vulture Alert
    • It looks like Michael Bush is going to be td vulture this year. Bush scored on two short td runs after Forte worked his way down near the goal line. If Chicago keeps this strategy up, Forte owners better hope that he finds a way to break the plane of the end zone to culminate his long gains.
  • Dwyer at your service
    • The Steelers had no real running game to speak of vs the Broncos but I was still impressed with the effort of Jonathan Dwyer. Yes, I know Isaac Redmond is listed as the starter, but Dwyer passes the eye test as the best available RB currently in the Steelers backfield. Give him a look if you have an extra spot this week.
  • Don’t Waiver just yet
    • So you had a bad week and you want to blow up your team? Welcome to the club. However, I urge you to resist the temptation. Week 1 can be tricky in fantasy and while there’s nothing wrong with picking up a couple of guys from waivers there’s no need to give up on the guys you drafted. Ride it out a couple of weeks with the guys you drafted before cutting bait.
  • Ridley me this
    • Stevan Ridley turned in one of the stronger performances of the weekend with over 100 yards and a touchdown. There is no reason to think Ridley can’t continue to produce as defenses must focus on Brady and the passing game. If you’ve got Ridley kudos to you. He’s going to have a good year barring injury.

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