Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

Arian Foster
Heading into Week 2, here's how the teams stack up.
1Patriots1 - 0Brady looked good per usual but the Pats defense looks to be much improved.
2Ravens1 - 0Flacco looked elite and the Ravens defense still forced turnovers sans T-Sizzle.
349ers1 - 0Team looked tough as nails with dominating road win over the Packers.
4Texans1 - 0Arian Foster could be the 2012 MVP.
5Falcons1 - 0Matty Ice looked to be in mid-season form in Week 1.
6Broncos1 - 0With Peyton at the Helm there's no reason the Broncos can't go far.
7Bears1 - 0Cutler and the Bears are going to be a force in the NFC North.
8Cowboys1 - 0Secondary looks better and Murray is a legitimate star.
9Packers0 - 1Need better balance in the run (9) to pass (44) ratio to be effective.
10Giants0 - 1Secondary injuries could be the death knell for Big Blue.
11Redskins1 - 0RG3 looked great but the defense played the part of unsung hero.
12Steelers0 - 1Defense will be better when Ryan Clark returns to the lineup.
13Lions1 - 0Stafford must take better care of the ball going forward.
14Eagles0 - 1Talent is there but Vick needs to take better care of the football.
15Jets1 - 0Won't score 48 every week, but maybe the idea of their offensive struggles were overblown.
16Saints0 - 1Saints can score but I'm not sure they can contend without Peyton.
17Chargers1 - 0Rivers avoiding turnovers is a good sign for the Chargers.
18Buccaneers1 - 0Schiano has the Tampa playing inspired on both sides of the ball.
19Bengals0 - 1Dalton mightily struggled but there is still reason to think the Bengals can contend this season.
20Panthers0 - 1Panthers need to establish a better running game to keep the pressure off of Cam.
21Cardinals1 - 0Kevin Kolb stepped up in relief but the Cardinals face an uphill battle in the NFC West this year.
22Vikings1 - 0Adrian Peterson's performance was nothing short of miraculous.
23Seahawks0 - 1Tough loss in week 1 but Wilson shows much promise at QB.
24Jaguars0 - 1MJD looked surprising look good despite the long hold out.
25Rams0 - 1Fisher looks like he's making a difference already.
26Bills0 - 1Coaches may be better off giving the players a mulligan after this performance.
27Titans0 - 1Chris Johnson's struggles continue to amaze me.
28Raiders0 - 13 botched punts is a sure fire way to lose a game.
29Chiefs0 - 1Annihilated at home for the 3rd straight season opener.
30Dolphins0 - 1Tannehill had better start learning fast.
31Colts0 - 1Luck will be good but bumps will occur along the way.
32Browns0 - 1Weeden's performance not withstanding, at least the Browns were competitive.

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