Week 6 Power Rankings

Frank ranks all 32 teams heading into Week 6.
1Texans5 - 0The loss of Brian Cushing is going to hurt but Arian Foster could still lead this team to a Super Bowl title.
2Falcons5 - 0Skated by the Redskins thanks to RG3's injury but the Falcons still grinded out a road win which is always impressive.
3Ravens4 - 1Gave up a lot of rushing yards to the Chiefs and struggled on offense but still found a way to win. That's what good teams do.
449ers4 - 1Throttled the Bills in what could have been a trap game leading into a rematch against the Giants this week.
5Patriots3 - 2Second straight week with over 200 yards rushing. Not good news for opponents.
6Bears4 - 1The interceptions returns on defense might be a fluke but the turnovers are not.
7Vikings4 - 1Give Leslie Frasier a vote for coach of the year.
8Giants3 - 2Eli is getting better every year.
9Steelers2 - 2Struggled at times against the Eagles, but Mendenhall looked strong in his return from injury.
10Eagles3 - 2Turnovers are killing this team. Vick's 2 lost fumbles, including one near the goal line, was a margin the Eagles could not over come.
11Cardinals4 - 1Are they for real? The defense looks legit but I don't know that Kolb is right trigger man to move this offense consistently.
12Packers2 - 3The loss of Benson will hurt an offense that lacks balance but Green Bay needs to sort out their issues soon lest the Vikings and Bears run away with the division.
13Bengals3 - 2Losing winnable games at home, like the one to Miami last week, will come back to haunt this team at seasons end.
14Seahawks3 - 2This team has a really tough defense and running game. If they can a little more out of the Russell Wilson they could be a playoff team.
15Rams3 - 2This team is kind of Jekyll and Hyde. 3 - 0 at home and 0 - 2 on the road. Can they break the road jinx against Miami this week?
16Chargers3 - 2They played well in New Orleans but they kind of run into the buzz saw that was a desperate Saints team. This week against Denver will truly test their mettle.
17Cowboys2 - 2Traveling to Baltimore off of a bye isn't a great remedy to what ails this team.
18Broncos2 - 3I love Peyton but I don't know if the Broncos have enough talent to compete with the AFC's top teams.
19Redskins2 - 3The health of Robert Griffin III will make or break this team's success.
20Jets2 - 3Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! I've been infected with Tebow Mania!
21Dolphins2 - 3Probably one of the best 2 - 3 team of them all and if a few more breaks had gone their way, who knows?
22Colts2 - 2Andrew Luck continues to impress and Reggie Wayne's game was one for the ages in support coach Chuck Pagano.
23Bills2 - 3Who are they? Where is the defense? Where is Mario Williams? Too many questions, not enough answers.
24Buccaneers1 - 3I heard they were practicing a corner back blitz for the kneel down formation during the bye week.
25Lions1 - 3A loss in Philly would almost put them out of the NFC North race.
26Panthers1 - 4Cam is not the only one to blame. DeAngelo Williams and Johnathan Stewart have been less than stellar as the Panthers running back duo.
27Saints1 - 4The win was fools gold. The Saints pass defense is anemic and so is there run game. The Saints might be a 5 or 6 win team this year.
28Raiders1 - 3They need to get McFadden on track. Plain and simple.
29Titans1 - 4This team is in deep trouble. No running game, no QB, no defense. What's not to like?
30Chiefs1 - 4Cheering Matt Cassel's injury was despicable but the Chiefs season has hardly been a thing of beauty.
31Jaguars1 - 4What happened to all that progress Blaine Gabbert was making?
32Browns0 - 5Trent Richardson is real. That is all.

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