Run-Away Cruz: 10 Things About Week 7 in the NFL


Here goes the run down for Week 7:

  • Cruz Control
    • Before you crucify the Redskins secondary for allowing Victor Cruz to get behind them, lets talk about what an explosive play maker Cruz has become.

      Right now I believe he is the most explosive offensive player in the NFL. With his 77 yard game winning touchdown yesterday Cruz has the most touchdown catches over 70 yards (6) of any player since 1965. Think about that one for a second. How many players would you want playing receiver for your team before you get to Cruz? After yesterday the list just got a lot shorter.

  • RG3 stellar in defeat
    • I was a huge Cam Newton fan (still am) but Griffin’s debut is just as remarkable as Newton’s debut in 2011. The pocket presence and maturity is a rare quality for a QB so young in his career. If the Redskins continue to add talent around Griffin while supplementing his development with plays that take advantage of his rare athleticism there is no reason the Redskins won’t be contending in the NFC East for years to come.
  • Luck Better than Good
    • I think people have forgotten that Andrew Luck was the number one pick in the draft with all the hype around RG3. Luck has quietly lead the Colts to a 3 – 3 record and with his two rushing touchdowns did his best RG3 impression in a win over the Browns on Sunday. Luck hasn’t been quite as consistent as Griffin but there is no reason to think the Colts don’t have their franchise QB of the future.
  • Texans swat Ravens
    • J.J. Watt and the Texans devastated the Ravens offense in a 43 – 13 victory that wasn’t even that close.

      I know some of the talk will be about how the Ravens were decimated on defense, but to me the outcome of the game would have been the same regardless of who the Ravens lined up on the field. The Texans are the best team in the AFC and they proved it yesterday.

  • Cowboys escape Charlotte with a win
    • The Cowboys defeated the Panthers on Sunday set up a showdown for first place against the Giants next week.

      Of course, it wasn’t easy for the Cowboys as they struggled to move the ball offensively and needed a last minute defensive stand to get the victory.

      In the end, if the Cowboys can beat the Giants next week they will own the season series tie breaker and have the inside track for the NFC East crown.

  • Patriots look Average
    • Call me crazy, but doesn’t it seem like the Patriots look real average this season? Sure, they beat the Jets, but they blew a double digit fourth quarter lead for the second straight week and it looks like the Patriot mystique is more rumor than fact at this point.

      But then again the Pats are in first place.

      Counts for something right?

  • Vikings deal Cards 3rd consecutive loss
    • The Vikings continue to be the surprise team of the NFC with their win over the Cardinals on Sunday. Christian Ponder continues his steady play and Adrian Peterson’s recovery from knee surgery last year is nothing short of amazing.

      The Vikings haven’t played the Packers or Bears yet, but there is no reason to think they can’t compete for the NFC North title based on what they’ve shown so far.

  • Pack attack back?
    • I guess the demise of the Green Bay offense has been greatly exaggerated. Even with Greg Jennings missing the last two games Aaron Rodgers has thrown nine touchdowns and lead Green Bay’s offense to 72 points.

      The Packers are looking like their early season offensive struggles were more of a growing pain of adjusting to life under a new offensive coordinator rather than degradation in offensive skill or scheme.

  • The NFC is deep
    • Right now there are 8 teams with winning records in the NFC. Clearly the balance of power lies in the NFC, especially with rise of teams in the NFC West and NFC North. Traditionally, the NFL power balance has been cyclical so it’s not really a surprise based on that fact. The only thing that sticks out to me is that the transition seemed to happen over night.
  • I Hate Bye Weeks
    • Don’t get me wrong, I believe all teams deserve a break from the grueling 16 game schedule. However, with the now mandatory Thursday night, Sunday night, and Monday night games the slate of action on Sunday afternoons is a bit thin during the bye weeks.

      I don’t know about you but I believe that football is best enjoyed on a Sunday afternoon.

      Call me old fashioned, but don’t call me crazy.

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